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vhelp 07-04-2003 12:45 AM

TMPGEnc: Merge audio with video ?
Hi all..

TMPG Encoding w/out audio question.

I was wondering how to do something..

Ok, after I encode my video (w/ Video Only, and no audio)

How do I merge the audio w/ the video. Ok, wait.. it goe's like this..

* I set Stream Type to "Video only" then,
* I set my "source range" somewhere's in the encode.

Now, after I've encoded the video, how to mege the audio w/ the video
IF the video was encoded somewhere's in the middle ??

That's the tricky part that I haven't figured out yet. I'm hopping that
someone has actualy done this.

I would really appreciate if there is an answer to this type of process.
Else, I'd have to encode the WHOLE source, just to get the audio to merge
w/ the video (mux)

Thanks peoples.

kwag 07-04-2003 12:52 AM

You can use HeadAC3he. Just set your audio start frame and audio end frame to match your video start and video end time code. Then you just encode that portion of the audio. See the main screen of HeadAC3he.


vhelp 07-04-2003 01:10 AM

@ Kwag.. :):)

Thanks for the QUICK turn-around response !!

I'll have a look right now. I just did some "mid" encodes of "Miss Congin.."
and I want to test it out w/ those clips.

Thanks again.

vhelp 07-04-2003 01:25 AM

Ok, I think I got it..

* After I've done a "mid" point encode,
* I take my dvd2avi's converted AC3 file (usually a .WAV) and bring it into
...HeadAC3, and input the Source Range params from TMPG, then
* I play around w/ settings in HeadAC3 ( for best 8O quality 8O )
* then I encode to an MP2 ??
* Then, I open AVI2MPG2 v1.24B13 and input the .MP2 and .M2V files
...and proceed to MUX them together.

Ok, I'm going to try the (o) SVCD, and then (o) DVD to see which one does
the job correctly.

I hope my steps above were correct. I'm operating under complete
stupidity hehe..


vhelp 07-04-2003 01:40 AM

ok.. progress report..

It's a big headacke!! I get no sound. But, now, that I've had a crash,
it no longer want to work, and I can't redo the HeadAC3 encode. I'll have
ta shut down :(

What a pain in the azz..

Well, see you all tomorrow maybe.

vhelp 07-04-2003 04:52 PM

@ Kwag and others..

Sorry I didn't report back sooner about my latest dealings w/ audio.

I figure it out this mornig. Anyways..

What I do is, in TMPG, when I want to encode a video somewhere's "mid"

* first, I make I have dvd2avi's AC3/.WAV file in Audio line, next
* I (o) Audio and encode the Audio .MP2 first, then
* I (o) Video and encode the Video only, to an .M2V
* Then, I bring the Audio and Video together in bbMPEG and MUX to a
...DVD spec, and finally, I play in PDVD, and all looks great.

I think the sound is fine, if not great, though I'm encoding as 128kb.
I'd like to go for 112kb if that will sound just as good as higher kb's but I'm
not sure if my current method is sound enough yet.

@ Kwag..
I know you prefer HeadAC3 to make your .MP2's down to 112kb, but for
some reason, when I try and make .MP2 files, HeadAC3 crashes if I use
the Source Range inside it. But, it wont crash if I DON'T use the Source
Range. So, am I suppose to NOT use it, and just encode the whole AC3/.WAV
file that dvd2avi give me (inside HeadAC3) and then USE THAT .MP2 file
inside TMPG (was this the step I was missing) or what ??

I'd really apprecite any direction you (or others) may have on the Audio
side of things. ..just the next step towards "high quality" goal :)

Thanks in advance.

vhelp 07-04-2003 05:00 PM

@ kwag..

Another thing...
I don't recall you ever mentioning bbMPEG when you talk about MUXing
and things. Am I correct to assume that YOU use it to MUX your .M1V
files w/ your HeadAC3 112kb audio projects ??

Ok, I'll assume that you use bbMPEG. As such, I'd like to minimize the
constant opening and closing, and shuffeling of files and settings and other
various house-keeping chores w/ dealiing w/ bbMPEG and MUXing sources

I'd like to create a small Delphi app that will use bbMPEG to do my usual
MUXing chores - - either as a quicky command line I can run in .BAT mode,
or a simple GUI that will work based on "templates" I create via .scripts
or something. I have settings I usually use ie, (o) DVD settings, and also
files I normally use for MUXing together. bbMPEG is still combersome when
dealing w/ the settups. I'd like to just stream-line it real quick w/ a simple
double-click of an icon or tiny GUI.

I'm sure there is a
feature of bbMPEG w/ respect for my above issue, but I think if I can create
my own go-between, things will be much simpler.

Any direction on the above request would be GREATLY appreciated, and if
such a "tool" is created, I would be happy to share it.

Thanks to all,

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