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emphatic 07-05-2003 11:43 AM

TMPGEnc Error: The resolution of the video is illegal

I was trying to to my very first KVCD with ToK using this guide:

All was working fine until it was TMPGEnc's turn to do some work.

I keep getting this error message:
__________________________________________________ ____
The resolution of the video is illegal

>The windows size needs to be set between 8x8 and 4088x4088.
>The width and height of window needs to be multiple of 8.
__________________________________________________ ____

I used MovieStacker to get the GripCrop setting for my script.
So, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
I have all the correct dll's and it plays fine in Windows Media player.

Also, I'm running VirtualDub, frameserving the video source to get
my subs into it, does anyone have a better way of getting subs?

I'm totally new at KVCDs and you all have my deepest respect.
So please help me before I pop a vein or something! :?


kwag 07-05-2003 12:05 PM

Hi emphatic,

You're probably trying on a weird resolution avi (DivX) or something.
Could you try on a regular DVD rip, and then create your .avs with MovieStacker from your .d2v file :?:


emphatic 07-05-2003 07:44 PM

Hi Kwag.

Since I'm lazy as hell I'm just gonna enjoy the templates you guys have made for TMPGEnc instead for now.

I was trying to use an .avi at 640x272 (23.976 fps) (not really weird?) and it should be fine but I'm using the KDVD template with the vcd header trick and it just blew my mind! On my 16:9 TV set it just looks faboulous!

Thanks anyhow.

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