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JonBlaze87 08-02-2003 10:55 AM

moviestacker steps in divx to kvcd guide?
ok so i had no idea what kvcd's are so after getting all the utilities I'd like to try and make one. I went threw the steps in divx to kvcd guide but im totaly lost when it came time for movie stacker. what do i do with it, all it says in the guide is something about scripts? Im totaly lost what do i do with movie stacker so i can move on the Tok part.
Also I've been making Svcd's with Tmpgenc. I realize kvcd's fit more on to cds but is the quality better than svcd....I'd be even happy if its the same quality and be able a movie on 1 cd instaed of 2.

Jellygoose 08-02-2003 12:13 PM

Hi JonBlaze...

Welcome on board...
MovieStacker is a program that is used to give you the exact resizing parameters for your AviSynth (.avs) script, which you then load into ToK for instance.
It all should be described pretty well in the guides here, so just keep on studying them. You'll get there, I'm sure :wink:
Any mor questions, just post!

JonBlaze87 08-02-2003 12:32 PM

ok now im on the Tok part . first thing it says it this (divx to kvcd) - Go to Settings>load all your programs. MadPlay can be found
with DVD2SVCD. then it goes on to say load your avs file.
That doesnt really tell me anything. In Tok setting theres -Work directory,tmpgenc path, virtualdub mp3 path, Madplay Path, BeSweet or SweetHead path, RunBBMpe path, Sampler dll path, WLA path.

So um I have no idea what to put in these or what they are. Seems like the maker of this guide got sloppy here because its far from in depth. Could u tell me what to put here and what is Madplay?

Jellygoose 08-02-2003 01:06 PM

Well those are programs needed by ToK for some reason. Go to the ToK part of this forum, and there you can download a file called "ToK With Extras" or "Extras For ToK", not sure. In there you'll find all programs you need in order to run ToK. Under settings you have to point ToK to these progs. :wink:

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