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bbmarin 08-04-2003 11:27 PM

KVCD: encode a long movie into one CD?
Hello all:

This is a wonderfull web page and i thaks all for you help. yes i want to encode the avi files into KVCD and be able to encode a long movie into one CD. I follow the intructions in the tutorial but what I'm doing wrong because a lot of thing seems that don't work.

Headac3h i d/l but i don't have the option to change the bitrate or chanel mode. and tell me couldn't get Vorbis Interface, I went back to the web page and i d/l Vorbis but still not working property

Tok when i go to settings all the spaces are blanck like Mad Play Path etc. etc.

And one question, i already have Tmpgen 2 58 (I hope that will be Ok for tese kind of encoding) but in the tutorial to create a KVCD fronm a AVI file I don't see nothing that tell me to use it.

Yes I have to apologize for been so dummy, but I'm lost, and I will love one day(I hope before the end of the year) to be able to encode on KVCD, please help me with some suggestions, what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks all

bbmarin 08-04-2003 11:32 PM

Sorry all

This was supose to be a reply nor a new topic. I apologize for that

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