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strider_k 08-20-2003 05:02 PM

Black Borders problem...
I just encoded a Divx anime to KVCD by using tmpeg template kvcd plus 352x480.

My source divx video info:


Here is the script I used:

#================================================= =====#
# -= AviSynth script by MovieStacker v2.0.0 (beta3) =- #
#================================================= =====#

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\MovieStacker\Filters\MPEG2Dec.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\MovieStacker\Filters\STMedianFilter.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\MovieStacker\Filters\GripFit_preview.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\MovieStacker\Filters\DustV5.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\MovieStacker\Filters\UnFilter.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\MovieStacker\Filters\LegalClip.dll")

AviSource("E:\MP3 Player\Pretear - 01 no audio.avi")
GripCrop(352, 480, overscan=1, source_anamorphic=false)
STMedianFilter(8, 32, 0, 0, 8, 32)
UnFilter(50, 50)
TemporalSmoother(1, 2)

After I burned this on the VCD and played this in my dvd player (apex 1500), there are two big black borders at the top and the bottom on my tv (not a widescreen tv).

Like this: My diagram sucks. I hope you folks know what I mean though. :oops:
| black border
| main video
| black border

Is this normal? Because the video looks awkward, it is stretched out horizontally and pressed down vertically.
How can make this to full screen? :?:

Dialhot 08-20-2003 05:08 PM

You probably use gripcrop in your script without using the parameter 'source_anamorphic=false'.

strider_k 08-20-2003 05:37 PM

Thanks for your quick response.

I tried to remove 'source_anamorphic=false' from my .avs and encoded the anime again. Same result though.

Some more info:

I used KVCDx3-MPEG-1-NTSCFilm.mcf to encode the anime and changed the resolution to 480x480. The result is: there are still black borders on the top and bottom although not as big as the one in 352x480.

I used KVCDx3-MPEG-2-NTSCFilm.mcf to encode the anime and changed the resolution to 480x480. The result is: no borders! It fit the movie to full screen.

I used SKVCD-352x480-_NTSC_.mcf to encode the anime again at 352x480. The result: no borders!!! It fit the movie to full screen again.

I am very confused. :BangHead:

Any idea?

Dialhot 08-20-2003 05:39 PM

Stop using Divx.

Jellygoose 08-21-2003 07:29 AM


Originally Posted by Dialhot
Stop using Divx.

I totally agree with that one...
However, you should try 2 more things... Make sure your "Video Arrange Method" in TMPGEnc is set to "Center".
If that doesn't help, drop the GripFit lines from the script, load the AVI in MovieStacker and use the resizing values that MovieStacker will give you. See if that helps...

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