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J-Wo 08-23-2003 10:36 AM

Help when CQMatic is over/under
What should we do when CQMatic is a bit over or under for its final CQ? With ToK we could nudge prediction factor up or down by 0.01 and do prediction again. But what about ToK? I'm encoding individual episodes of Babylon 5, each 44 min long. Sometimes prediction is bang on (wanted video size ~350mb) but then sometimes it's off by >5% which can be problematic. What can I alter in my project file to try prediction again? Change the min/max bitrates?

Dialhot 08-23-2003 12:19 PM

:-D. I'm doing them also since 2 we ! :-)

I rather to make a avs loading the episodes 4 by 4 and do a cqmatic prediction on it. Then I encode separatly the 4 episodes with the CQ found by cqmatic in the first operation.

By this way I optimize the CQ for a whole disc, and not episode by episode.

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