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vmesquita 09-18-2003 02:55 PM

Guide: Switchable subtitles in DVDLab
Hello everyone,

I spend today the entire day trying to figure out how to use swichable subtitles in DVDLab using IFOEdit. Since I found no guide on doing this, I decided to write my own. This time I posted in DVDRHelp because I saw a lot of people asking this in that forum, so I thought it would be more helpful if posted there. If anyone is interested, check it out:


totonho03 09-18-2003 04:02 PM


Thank you for your guide. Actually, I have printed both guides, the switchable subtittle and the 2 audio guides. This now covers all of my needs (for the time being).
My encoding time with CCE is still long, and this is due to my set up, it takes about 5.5 hours for a 120 mintes back up, and around 7.5 to eight hours for a 180 minutes back up. This is a heck of a lot faster than Tmpgenc, which takes 11 hours and 14 hours respectively; and my wish is for an encoding system to reduce this time even further. I am looking at two alternatives: ffmpeg, which still has a way to go, to use it as a workable encoder, and recently at the MA encoder, which may be faster than CCE........ Do not know that for sure, and one of these days I may give it a try......

Again, thanks for your guide.


vmesquita 09-18-2003 05:24 PM

Hi Totonho03,

Thanks! I'd like to say that I didn't forget the modifications you sent me for my CCE guide, I am planning to release them together with some structural modifications (to use VMesquitaCalc and Tools).
FFMpeg only produces MPEG1, or am I mistaken? What is the MA Encododer?


totonho03 09-18-2003 07:25 PM

Hi vmesquita:

Actually I made a mistake here, is not an MA encoder, is the Main Concept 1.4 encoder. Perhaps you have already seen this post, but just in case, you will find a bit more information regarding such encoder here:

Thanks again and best regards


vmesquita 09-19-2003 05:26 AM


I've heard about MainConcept, but never tried it... :D
I just did a PDF version:


emphatic 10-02-2003 03:41 PM

I really like this guide, but I don't own a dvd-burner yet so I make mini-dvds. Now I haven't been using authoring apps for long and I'm totally new at using dvdlab. My question is, if I have a 1 gigabyte .VOB that I want to fit onto two 700 mb cd's, do I have to import it into dvdlab as two files or can I split it there and still keep the subtitle functionality?

What I mean is: Do I have to make my KVCD in two parts, split the sub before converting it from .srt to .sup, and multiplex the two in IFOEdit in order for the subtitles two work?

I tried to use the "trim end" function in dvdlab to get the first 55 minutes but I couldn't export/compile it properly afterwards so I'm guessing that I should have two files to begin with.

Thankful for help.

cruz 11-13-2003 10:52 AM

hi VMesequita!

I tried your guide and it all worked out, until I had to change the value of "sub-picture stream 1 status".

I copied the value, opened "VTS_01_0.IFO" generated by DVDLab, scrolled down to sub-picture stream 1 status, but the value there was the same as the file generated by IFOedit. I don't think this is going to be a problem...

But when I tried to change the color of the subtitle, something strange happened. When I double clicked "Color 0 Y Cr CB" a menu appeared wich had nothing to do with changing a subtitle color...

Where did It go wrong?


vmesquita 11-13-2003 12:09 PM


I guess you got a little confused because you have to type the values in some kind of Hexadecimal table. It is like that, don't worry. Please post if I am mistaken... :D Then it would be better if you describe the menu in more detail or post a screenshot.

Please be aware that muxing with IFOEdit prevents you from using chapters properly. I've heard that if the muxing is done using linux ported dvd dvdauthor, chapters work as they should, but I haven't tested yet (probably I will test in the weekend).

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