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gosens 10-27-2003 02:32 AM

TMPGEnc: 544x480 NTSC issues and filesize question
I have been struggling to get a KVCD or KDVD created from an MPEG-2 source at 544x480 NTSC, 29.97 fps.

If I use a template straight up, if distorts the picture to 704x480 or 352 etc.

If I modify it to preserve the aspect ratio it keeps it at 544 but tmpg author rejects the file because it can't handle the resolution -- and it can't have 29.97 fps at that resolution.

Could someone please suggest how to get around this hurdle. I am new to all this so I don't really understand all the ins and outs of the tmpg tool.

ALSO: If I select a template like the Full Duplex KDVD, and make no changes, the output file is nearly the same size as my source file - approx. 1.4 GB per hour. At that rate I'll get barely 3 hours on a DVD instead of 6. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for the help.


kwag 10-27-2003 10:11 AM

Hi gosens,

You must use "MovieStacker" or "FitCD" to get your correct aspect.
For accurate file size, you must use file prediction.
Check the "CQMatic" forum, and the "File Prediction" forum.


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