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Aielman 11-01-2003 02:11 AM

TMPGEnc: Problem With 29.970fps Avi to 23.976 conversion

I came across your site recently and thought it was a
fantastic idea and a great solution you have
developed. I decided to try your methods and
downloaded your TMPG templates as well as Weethet's
kvcd (english) guide.

The first two kvcds I did went perfectly - but in both
cases the avi's were in NTSCFilm (23.976 fps) format.
The next avi was in NTSC (29.970 fps) format. I notice
that your templates do not include one for that
format. Is there a reason this is omitted?

Anyway, after several fruitless attempts to do a
framerate conversion (from 29.970 to 23.976) on my
avi, and after reading some of the questions and
answers on the kvcd forum, I decided to try your
NTSCfilm CQ template, but select the 29.970 fps
instead of 23.976 fps on page 3.

The resulting mpeg after encoding was perfect- great
picture, everything in sync, etc. I couldn't have been
happier. But then, when I burned the mpeg to a cdr
using vcdeasy, the audio was slightly out of sync, but
enough to be noticeable. I tried two different times
thinking I must have made a mistake somewhere, but
each time the mpeg was fine, the burned cd's audio was
out of sync.

I have no idea where to even start trying to figure
this out. Perhaps you can help me. How can I use your
NTSCfilm templates to create mpeg files that burning
programs won't screw up, if the fps is 29.970 and not


Dialhot 11-01-2003 06:43 AM

Firstly, welcome there.

Secondly, do not post any question about avi->kvcd in an other forum than the "avi->kvcd" one ;-)

Thirdly : there is no 29.970 template because there is no need. It"s the same than 23.976, just have to change the framerate. And as you can see, the video is perfect on your PC, so your problem is not a matter of template used.

You didn't have synh problem when you burnt the 2 23.976 video ?

Note: you talk about "page 3"..; that means that you use the wizard ? Do not do that.

Aielman 11-01-2003 12:56 PM


Thanks for your reply and the welcome. Being very new at this stuff I had no idea whether another parameter needed to be changed in addition to the framerate in order for the coding to work The sync problems appeared only after burning the cd, and there were no sync problems when the framerate for the avi was 23.976 and didn't need to be changed. Do you any ideas about why this may be happening? Thanks.

Dialhot 11-01-2003 01:54 PM

Some reports synch problem when they burnt media on CDRW, others when the speed was too hight (do not do other 8x at least for making your tests).

Did you encode in MPEG1 ou MPEG2 ? (it is writen at the bottom left of tmpgenc windows while it is encoding).

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