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the_ray 11-13-2003 06:04 AM

water scenes seems pretty blocky and not clear?
Well first of all i would like to thank Kwag and all the moderators for creating this site and helping out others to create near-quality DVD kvcd's...okey on to my questions

I got a couple of high-quality xvid sources(2 discs)(608x(256->320))(2hours or more)...i tried DialHot's v4 script with resolution of 352x480(CQ ranging from 65 to 70)..The encoded movie i made was excellent except for a few things:-
BackGround---frames with walls , water scenes seems pretty blocky and not clear

I tried a couple of things which i could find from the forum which says to add the 2nd blockbuster line and change the variance of it..i did all that but still could not get it to look good..

my question is , should i replace convolution3d with atc like v3 script and add in asharp to improve the overall quality of the movie or should i change the parameters of convolution3d.. and if so what parameters should i change it to...


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