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audi2honda 12-02-2003 10:08 PM

KVCD and SVCD burned to DVD-R?
Hi guys, I have lots of 480x480SVCD 528x480KVCD and 704x480KVCD I'd like to burn to dvd-r and play on my tv is possible.

Will these resolutions work? I read about this DVD patcher thing on doom9 that tricks the dvd authoring program into thinking the resolution is different, but it doesn't mention the 528 and 544x480 resolutions which seem to be an odd derivation of a european DVB format.

Any info or links you guys can give me a greatly appreciated. I'd like to put multiple movies on one dvd-r with a menu and want to avoide re-encoding at all costs.

Thanks for the help.

audi2honda 12-03-2003 12:36 AM

Ok from what I've read I can't put KVCD to DVD-R because it is 23.9 fps which won't work on DVD-R and using 2:3 pulldown messes up the video big time. Is this correct?

If so I have another question. What format should I encode to (KVCD Template) so that I can burn to DVD-R or CD-R interchangably. I just got my DVD burner, but would like to make movies that I can put on both types of media and have them work in my set top player.

Am I asking to much or is this possible?

Thanks chaps

kwag 12-03-2003 05:28 AM

Hi audi2honda,

You can put MPEG-1's on DVD, but only at 352x240(288).
Take a look at the official DVD specs here:


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