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Nforcer 12-05-2003 01:07 AM

Dvd2avi jumping all over the movie
I'm trying to re-encode some of my kids disney movies so I can combine 2-3 movie per dvd for long car trips and I'm running into a situation where either the dvd2avi seems to jump around the whole movie or
it plays about 3 seconds then starts over and plays another 3 seconds but in french then does the same thing in spanish. I'm using dvd2avi 1.76+
with avisynth 2.5.x

Icarus3000 05-09-2004 03:44 PM

I think I am experiencing a similar problem...

I am trying to copy Brother Bear to KVCD, but am stuck in DVD2AVI.

When I preview the movie, I see that the "VOB Cell ID" keeps jumping around, and the movie repeats itself every 1-2 seconds.

This happens whether I use version 1.76 or 1.86.

For kicks, I decided to save the project anyway, but then when I open the .avs in mediaplayer I get the same thing... video repeating every second.

Has anyone succseffuly copied Brother Bear? Any tips to help a "brother" out?


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