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bizzy 07-23-2002 08:10 PM

KVCD: I dont know which template to use?
hey guys i got 2 dvd rips. one of blade 2 and the other is super troopers. they are both rips by TCF. the both files are around 790-805 mb in size.

i had audio problems so i took the files into dvd2avi. took the dv2and mpa files into tmpeg, and in the source range changed the audio gap, so the audio will be in sync. so now i have to encode it to svcd.

my question is, which template should i use to keep the best quality?

they are both ntsc 29 fps 480x480. im guessing that i need 40-50 minutes per disc.

or should i use the default svcd templates in tmpeg? also what do ppl usually use when encoding SVCD? cbr vbr or cq?

bizzy 07-24-2002 03:49 AM

pls, any info is needed.

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