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07-27-2002, 10:58 PM
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I have so many questions on my mind but i just really want to know the basics with using these templates.
Ok i have TMPG PLUS v.2.56, and i downloaded Kwags template for KVCD-CQ-320x240 NTSC Film. Now, i know i cant use TMPG's wizard and i have to load up the video and audio first and then load the template.
I've got that all down.

1.What i dont understand is why it changed my fps to 23.976? I thought 29.97 fps is normal...Would'nt 23.976 look like crap?

2.Call me dumb but what i dont understand is why the CQ is being set at VBR 35? I've seen people on here talking about changing the CQ to make better image quality and i can't find on where to change it? (work with me here im really new)

3.The most important thing i would like to know is...Without working with the TMPG wizard, how do i even know that this template is going to work? Like how do i know my movie will fit on 1- 80minute CD-r using KVCD template?

I'll give you guys the example of the movie im using, then maybe you could relate better as to what i should go about doing.....
I have DVD ripped version of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and it's 91min. long and the quality is really sweet. (im trying not to lose too much quality) but i would like to get this on 1 cd.

P.S. I tried encoding like 5 minutes of this movie already and burnt it to a cd-rw and it played and looked great on my home dvd player. I should let you know that i changed the fps to 29.97. I don't know if this will make the file larger and it wont fit on 1 cd? I don't know if i could fix the quality a lil and make it look even better and still fit on 1 cd?
This is why i stopped the encoding of this movie, because i wasn't planning on sitting through 5 hours of encoding for it not to work and go over the 1 cd limit.

Anybody please help me out here...Kwag...Anyone?
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07-28-2002, 05:45 AM
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First off the reason that it has changed the frame rate from is that you loaded the ntsc film version of the templates, if you want to keep the frame rate at 29.97 then just load the normal ntsc version of Kwag's templates. or just alter the frame rate manually in tpmeg.
Second, changing the CQ will enhance the final quality of your encode, but at the cost of size, the higher the CQ the bigger the end file will be.
Thirdly, you don't, depending on the frame rate(23.976 fps or Film does decrease the file size), and the aspect ratio of the film(whether it's 4:3 full screen, or 16:9 wide screen). Full screen encodes will boost final file size.
The best way I have found to give yourself an approxiamte size for the final file, is to encode about 2 miutes worth of footage in a reanable high motion scene(one with lots of action). and see how big that file is, then just multiply the file size by however long the film is and bingo it gives you a ballpark figure for the final file.
If the final file is still a little too big you could always demux the sound and video(this means seperating the video and the audio into seperate components) then just re-encode the audio at a lower bit rate, though I would not go any lower that 112kps as th sound get tinny at lower levels. then re-mux the audio and video(mergeing the audio file and vidoe file back).

Hope this helps.
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