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01-09-2004, 04:47 PM
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I've made test encoding (just to wach quality). Movie 1h39m30s, AR 16:9, TMPG, MPG1, res 480X576, KVCDx3 template, MA optimal script (with litle enhacement sugested by Dialhot), CQ 65. It contains high motions scenes in about 50% of a movie.
Result: perfect quality and 605MB size I was only checking quality, not pointing to perfect fit on 80minCD, so the size is no matter while it's smaller than 795MB.
Some small disadvantages are visible on PC monitor, but not on standalone.
Although I'm pointing in VHS backups, this DVD backup shows me to not be wary of quality even 3 or 4h VHS movie (of course in VCD resolution).
Great thx to all helpfull people

... of course to Kwag too

I've received a request for this scirpt, but modufication is not so big. I've found this somewhere on the forum (realy don't remember where), to cut limiter and asharp lines form optimal script (like they are useles, without them compression is beter or somethig)and add repleace Bicubic with Lanczos resize. If they are very important, thats even beter, because without them my movie has great quality. This is the script:

## Main section and static filters ###
Mpeg2Source("source file.d2v")
#asharp(1, 4)
STMedianFilter(3, 3, 1, 1 )


## Linear Motion Adaptive Filtering ##
# ( Portions from AviSynth's manual )
# This will apply variable temporalsoften
# and variable blur.
# Both filters are active at all times, and work inversely proportional to the
# activity, measured from current frame to next frame.

ScriptClip("nf = round(YDifferenceToNext()+1)"+chr(13)+ "nf > 2 ? \
unfilter( -(fmin(round((nf/0.5)), 100)), -(fmin(round((nf/0.5)), 100)) ) : \
TemporalSoften(4, round(2/nf)*2 , round(2/nf)*50 ,0,2) ")

#LetterBox( 10, 10, 4, 4) # Depends on situation. Use MovieStacker!

## Functions ###

function fmin( int f1, int f2) {
return ( f1<f2 ) ? f1 : f2


Edit2: and this is the thread
Have fun
Go for SECAM =)
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