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jim620 01-23-2004 11:05 AM

Adding borders to display correct aspect ratio?
I have a PAL 4:3 movie that will be resized to 352x288. However this will stretch the vertical too much. I want to add borders that will display the viewable at 352x240. My question is where do I put the addborders command. Here's my script:

AviSource("e:\kvcd\fox.avi", false)
Blockbuster(method="noise",detail_min=1,detail_max =8,variance=0.5,seed=1)
Convolution3D(1, 6, 12, 6, 8, 2.8, 0)
GripCrop(352, 240, source_anamorphic=false)
AddBorders(0, 24, 0, 24)

I assume that the Gripcrop command will resize the movie to 352x240 and the addborder will add the necessary black borders so the finished size will be 352x288. Is the addborder command in the right place?

digitall.doc 01-23-2004 11:21 AM

Sorry, i'm not very good in this of helping... still learning...
If I understand you well, you want to resize the viewable part of the film to 352x240, and output the film in 352x288 format, isn't it?.
Well, if you make use of GripFit, as far as I know you just need to use:

GripCrop(352, 240, source_anamorphic=false)

I think no AddBorders is needed, 'cos GripBorders will do this work. In case you want, you can employ LetterBox, but don't think you need in your case.
Make us know if this works.

incredible 01-23-2004 12:08 PM

But Digitall.doc learned very well! ;-) So you did a good helping job

You cant use Addborders() together with GripFit as GripFit does the WHOLE job internal, the borders will be added with GripBorders() correctly.

@ jim620
First, do you have a PAL movie, so ... do you want still to encode in PAL?
I think not (where do you live? in NTSC land?) as you determined 352x240 as final size.

BUT regulary you also should add at the end of the script a


so you get a legal NTSC 23.976 output IF you really want to convert to NTSC

jim620 01-23-2004 03:18 PM

I know what I was doing wrong now. I was putting 352x288 in the script and in TMPGenc. What I need to do is put Gripcrop 352x240 in the script but keep 352x288 in TMPGenc. This gives me what I need. As for keeping it at PAL my player can do both so I rather not have to hassle with changing FPS. Thanks for the help.

Abond 01-27-2004 04:52 AM

This is wrong. Your aspect ratio will be off, and it is not good idea to resize with TMPG.

Dialhot 01-27-2004 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by Abond
This is wrong. Your aspect ratio will be off, and it is not good idea to resize with TMPG.

You are right for general cases.. But if you read what is the problem of jim here you can see that he has a matter of wrong aspect ratio and try to restore it. And I think that his solution is to process like he does. His source is clearly a NTSC video taht was badly resized to PAL resolution, screwing up the A/R.
And to unscrew something there is no other way than doing an other screwed operation :-)

Abond 01-27-2004 05:19 AM

Well, I need new glasses... :D

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