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kddpop 01-27-2004 10:55 PM

Convert Kvcd files onto dvd-r for set top box?
i have a few kvcd files, each of which are bigger than will fit on a cd-r. but they will all fit on one dvd-r. also, my dvd player claims to be able to play vcd's. i tried just putting the files on the dvd-r using the finder in osX and then burning the disc. the player didn't recognize the disc. next i tried to use toast 6 but toast didn't recognize the files as importable. so im stuck. is there a way mac users can burn kcvd's onto dvd-r for playback on a set top dvd player?

thanks in advance

Dialhot 01-28-2004 04:30 AM

Just to tell you that in a general way, just putting file on a disc is not enought to have it recognize by a player as this way you are doing "data" medium and not "video" one.

Is the same if you take a MPEG video and put it on a CD : it won't make a VCD.

The problem you have is that KVCD use settings that are far from the DVD standard. Too far. And there is no authoring tool (even on PC) that accept them directly.

incredible 01-28-2004 07:36 AM

Dialhot is right according to the out of standards specs of KVCDs.

But maybe you can patch the header using a osx mpeg header application (I got one in my stock, but as my last OSx encoding is done 1 Year ago I can't name it right now).

Best appl. to author DVD-Rs using OSx is ..... "DVD Studio PRO"!
iDVD is nothing as its (at that time) only supports 90mins of video!

Im still waiting for a portation of DVD Studio Pro to Windows!! :arrow: :D
cause of its lovely user interface and design (as known from apple).

kddpop 01-28-2004 09:15 AM

so, is kcvd burning possible?
thanks for the replies.

i have learned by trial and error that i can't just burn the files onto a dvd like data and then have my player read them. that's when i tried using toast 6. it apparently doesnt like kcvd's.

so, how do i do it? can it be done?

i do have dvd studio pro but havent had the time to mess with it. will it do what i need to do? and, the new iDVD can do 2 hours of vid. (at least according to claims...ive yet to try to burn something that long)

again, thank you very much for the replies. its great to have a friendly resource like this. i don't remember what we did before the internet!


Dialhot 01-28-2004 09:21 AM

Re: so, is kcvd burning possible?

Originally Posted by kddpop
i don't remember what we did before the internet!

We did usenet, and before that BBS :-D

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