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marko 08-02-2002 06:19 PM

Aspects of Aspect Ratios
Starting this cos thers lotsa confusion about this

Pre-amble 1:
this is in tmpgenc encoder forum - so only applies to that and i think we are all encoding VGA sources (from dvd2avi or direct from avi files)

Pre-amble 2:
My DVD player doesnt do the 16:9 instruction in VCD format (even though it works perfect with DVD format)

Secondly - we're on about video CD or VCD here - not DVD or SVCD altho these need 2 be done as well!!!

Firstly the vcd output ALWAYS goes out in 4:3 format

TV comes in 2 formats (uk anyway) 4:3 and 16:9 so first decision is:-

Do i want my vcd to look great on a 16:9 widescreen (but stretched vertically on 4:3tv) tv or make it for 4:3 format with black bars above and below(the resulting 4:3 format vcd can be stretched on widescreen TVs keeping aspect ratio , but will have less pixels(resolution) and therefore is poorer quality.

Assuming the source video is wider than 4:3
deal with 4:3 first( compatible with both tv formats)
In settings
General tab
choose output format 4:3

Advanced tab
If your gonna crop the black bars here (or cropped them bfore encoding)the source ratio is 1:1 vga
otherwise its the original source aspect ratio
Video arange method
fill screen (keep aspect ratio)
N.B the preview in tmpgenc2.57 now works great in both fix 320 mode and do not fix mode( ifound previous versions were telling lies if you changed the settings too often)- shame it doesnt do a stretch to 16:9 mode- im sure Avery Lee would have included this.

OK wandering a bit ther so 16:9 TV version easiest method
Encode the black bars!!!(still experimenting with removal for this format - results to come)

In settings
General tab
choose output format 4:3(unless your DVD player obeys the 16:9 for VCD - mine doesnt)

Advanced Tab
video source 1:1 vga
Video arange method
fill screen
(the results arestretched vertically in preview cos its 4:3 in there)
The resultant VCD is not suitable for viewing on 4:3 TVs because of the vertical strech but is in proportion when the picture is veiwed on widescreen mode for the TV set.

Ill cut out at this point - my head is now buzzing


marko 08-03-2002 08:06 PM

OKOKOK further explanation reqd.

standalone DVDs can output at 16:9 ratio - ideal for 16:9 TVs
by 16:9 i mean true 16:9 output and not 16:9 compatible for 4:3 display.

So if yu did the 16:9 settings on my last post - you end up with a full screen display format which is stretched vertically on 4:3 format -switch to 16:9 output on your DVD and set your telly (sorry TV) to 16:9 and hey presto TRUE 16:9 display - all the pixels you encoded suddenly are worth twice the effort (and encoding time) admittedly youve only got about 35 mins per CD (assumin u did 704x576) even half dvd looks great if u up the bitrate a bit(only for DVD not VCD)

anythin else i need to xplain ???

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