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friar55 02-01-2004 09:27 AM

Kvcd template with audio?
ok so after all the headaches i was thinking of a almost "too obvious" there a kvcd template that includes an audio encode? seems that apart the steps are simple but i havent found a teplate that can do both??? can someone shed some light?

thanks guys

Dialhot 02-02-2004 06:20 AM

There are not and there won't be.

We are here to grab the best for our creation and encoding sound with TMPGENC is definitely not the best. So don't claim to KWAG to provide such templates.

But... if you want to audio all you have to to is to change encoding mode from ES(video only) to system(audio+video) and set the audio parameters in the "audio" tab :!:

I think you can do that by yourself (you can even re-save the template after all this and have your own template with video+audio).

tairoyci 02-17-2004 09:06 AM

Hi guys.
I have some problem.
I was download ........,



tairoyci 02-20-2004 11:06 AM

So, i dont get it. I just ask something if u dont now the anser thats cool, but wtf are u edit my post. :?:.
My mistake is that i ask such think here, but anyway, somebudy can anser on my question. :cry:

Dialhot 02-20-2004 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by Ta|Roy
but wtf are u edit my post. :?:.

Because Kwag is the owner of the site and the "chief moderator".
The forum has some rules and if you still didn't understood why you were edited, then you do not deserve any help for the moment.

Go read the disclamer and reask your question in a more decent manner (and this includes to avoid usage of things such "wtf". Okay ? Thanks)

Phil, also moderator of this forum section.

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