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02-08-2004, 12:49 PM
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I was just thinking about one thing: The Q-level of I, P, B frames??
If Q-level of I-frames is 2 (min & max) would that mean that the overall quality of B-frames and P-frames is higher even if the Q-level of those is set to a lower number?
I mean if setting the min & max Q-level to 2-4-4 would that produce a better quality than 3-3-3 ?
I know that P and B frames are looking for other frames when they are encoded, so it would be obvious to think that the better quality of the frames they are looking at, the better quality they will get themselves, or am I totally wrong here?
Maybe if setting the Q-level of the I-frames high, and the Q-level of the B-frames (and perhaps the P-frames) low will produce a smaller filesize with the same quality?
Just thinking out loud.....I will have to test this myself....
Anybody else have these idea's??
I know Incredible has been encoding with different numbers for I, P, and B-frames (I have also, and the movies played perfectly in my standalone, even if the Q curve wasn't linear)....Like 3-3-4 in min settings, if I remember correctly...
Anybody tested this??

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