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Haroon999 02-15-2004 02:46 PM

muxing problems

I wanted to put one movie (147mins) on one single disc, althought thier source was 2 700mb xvid-ac3 files. After finally getting to the stage of having m1v's and mp2's for both of them (which totalled 740mb altogether) i needed to do the not so simple multiplexing. However, I multiplexed the first part of the movie as a non-standar videocd (as im doing kvcd 352x288) but found that it came to 730mb, about 360mb too large! So then i tried multiplexing under mpeg1-system and theresult was the 370mb which i originally expected, and then i multiplexed part 2 in the same format.

Problems of course came when i tried to burn it as vcdeasy added an extra 100mb to it. By that time I'd deleted my pre-muxing files and so ended up chopping the credits and an extra scene from my movie (bringing it to 699mb) so that i could burn it.

So for future reference, could somebody help me with the muxing problem i have as i'm also planning on putting other movies of about the same length on one cd.

This, btw was my second attempt at a kvcd. First attempt went smoothly as the source was only one file and was 96 minutes and wasn't xvid/ac3 either.

bigggt 02-15-2004 03:16 PM

You can mux with bbmpeg and set it up this way

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