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03-23-2004, 08:29 PM
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I am new to the KVCD forum having just started my interest in this area. unfortunatly I have already come across some problems which I hope the members can help me with. I am currently working with the guide KVCD from Scratch. A problem I had here is that Movie Stacker' 1.1.1. no longer seems to exist and has been replaced by another version which has different screens and settings other than those shown in the guide. I also dont have a copy of VCD Easy as this is now no longer free, so I am working in this area with Nero6 which I have installed already. I dont know how to turn of the compliancy for VCD's in nero6 can anyone please help here. secondly how would I burn the completed article in Nero6. I have searched around and can only find reference to older versions of nero6. where would I get a copy of Movie Stacker 1.1.1, I currently have the 2 Beta version downloaded from the link.

Presently using the above mentioned guide I have currently encoded the audio of a ripped DVD I own down to 121MB. I had originally planned to burn the ripped movie to a DVDR. I had ripped it with DVD shrink, so it is already somewhat compressed. The original is sadly no more as my young child got to it and it no longer plays. I cannot therefore re rip it and I want to burn the copy I have onto something, if only so I can remove the large DVD vob files from my computer. I want to encode the movie which is several short movies,Interviews etc into 1 800MB disc. Can someone explain how I would do this with MovieStacker and TMPGEnc, so that I could fit it in on one disc as mentioned. Also what Template should I use. The whole ripped disc is just over 2Hrs long about 2Hrs 10Mins I think. I have downloaded all the Templates but dont know which one to use. The film is at 20000Fps. I presume this would be PAL. Sorry for so many questions but I have just typed the ones that have sprung to mind. I have not got a lot of experience in this area all my encoding previously was with DVD and mostly using pre automated ripping programs and burning via Nero6 so hence the need for help as I am foxed' at the moment. All help would be most appreciated.

Thanks very much,
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03-24-2004, 01:12 PM
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Moviestacker 2.0.0 b3 Rendalunit Guide
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