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shgr 04-16-2004 04:05 PM

horizontal lines when there is fast movements?
Hi, sorry for posting this topic in here... I didnt know where it should be.
I have a problem ripping some DVDs using SmartRipper.
This happens only with some DVDs, and not with the whole chapters of it.
When I display the ripped chapter on DVD2AVI I can see some horizontal lines when there is fast movements, and this stills by the time I use TMPGENC until the final mpeg file.
Plz... I need help :(

rds_correia 04-16-2004 04:54 PM

Please move your post from this forum to Optimal Scripts forum.
The problem is most certainly with your ripper.
Anyway you are surely using NTSC sources where these are mostly interlaced.
You need to use a good script to deinterlace your movie.
Check this thread and ask there any questions related to your problem.
Hope I helped.

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