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incredible 04-26-2004 05:15 AM

If you do not want any filters working in your just mpeg2source("xxx.d2v")-script, ..... then makeavis via aviynth makes no sense! As it takes cpu power while frameserving a source which mencoder on the other side could directly understand :arrow: the VOB ! (from which you generated the d2v file).

So if you got multiple VOBs and an NTFS filesystem, you can just merge the multiple vobs in a console window by

copy /b part1.vob + part2.vob + part3.vob + part4.vob total.vob

This "whole" total VOB finally will be encoded very fast in mencoder and will be as filetype understood DIRECTLY.


ALSO NICE TIP!: You dont need to demux the AC3's out of the total VOB! :arrow: Look for dspguru's downloadpage where the latest besweet beta now comes with a new ac3enc.dll and there you will also find a VOBinput.dll .... by this you can directly encode new AC3s out of the VOB audio Substreams in BesweetGUI!

Just load the IFO file from the movie incl. VTS into IfoEdit, see which VOB substream which audio language carries (0x81, 0x82....) and determine that substream in Besweet in the VOB Substream input window.

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