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Fluffbutt 04-26-2004 11:26 AM

Bit the bullet and tried MEncoder - Results pleasing
I finally tries MEncoder, after futzing about for ages trying to find guides to the commands (and even just finding the commands!!!).

With thanks to you guys, too many to name (or remember with my shitty memory) - the bat files, the DRP front end (helps me to understand what and why to put something in the bat file), the mencoder kvcd matrixes, etc.

Results are VERY pleasing, a 90 minute movie into 610 Mb (muxed with mp2/192kbps/48kHz sound), AND the results are better than svcd on a TV (on a monitor they're about 1/2 between vcd and svcd).

(Actually, it's almost dvd quality on the TV!!). Audio sync is perfect (unless I fast forward or change chapters manually (my dvd player I think though)).

So Kwag, Dialhot, Incredilbe, and others, thanks for your helps (even though I was just lurking on your posts to someone else).

What I'd like to do now is work out a way to expand the quality/ size ratio to better fill the cdr, and gett still better quality (and maybe speed it up even more?), and learn some better command line features (things to add/change/remove...)

To that end, here's my scripts and bat's.. (the avi is a frameserved avisynth script). I used MEncoder to do the scale - would that be better done with avisynth? Also I've yet to see Grip and borders help at all, they just bugger the format up for me, I get 352x190 with big black borders, at least this gives me full frame 352x288...

LoadPlugin("C:\AviSynth 254\plugins\MPEG2Dec3dg.dll")

"D:\Downloads\DRP Enc Mencoder Version\MEncoder\mencoder.exe" -of rawvideo -sws 9 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg1video:vmax_b_frames=2:keyint=15:aspect =4/3:vbitrate=1150:vratetol=1500:vrc_maxrate=1850:vrc _minrate=550:vrc_buf_size=327:inter_matrix=16,18,2 0,22,24,26,28,30,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,20,22,24, 26,28,30,32,34,22,24,26,30,32,32,34,36,24,26,28,32 ,34,34,36,38,26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,28,30,32,34,3 6,38,42,42,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,44:intra_matrix=8, 9,12,22,26,27,29,34,9,10,14,26,27,29,34,37,12,14,1 8,27,29,34,37,38,22,26,27,31,36,37,38,40,26,27,29, 36,39,38,40,48,27,29,34,37,38,40,48,58,29,34,37,38 ,40,48,58,69,34,37,38,40,48,58,69,79 -vf hqdn3d=4:3:6,scale=352:288 -ofps 25 "E:\movie\movie.avi" -o "E:\movie\movie.mpg"

Fluffbutt 04-26-2004 12:18 PM

Sorry double post (paged back instead of edit.. dumb me!!).

Fluffbutt 04-26-2004 12:20 PM

Umm, I forgot to add that I also did a test encode of some of the movie in both cce 2.50 and tmpgenc.

Results worked out on calculator by ratio of encoded size to full size to time.

Mencoder (full movie) 4:30 hours:mins, quality 8/10 (10/10=dvd) - 610 inc sound

Cce 5:30 quality very low, artifacts on all edges. - about 750 no sound

Tmpgenc 7:00 quality about vcd average. - about 810 no sound

Cce settings as standard, but reset to same kbps as mencoder (550-1150-1850)
Tmpgenc uses kvcd supplied template.

(and I thought you guys liked Cce best... LOL, joke)

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