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Prodater64 04-26-2004 08:23 PM

FFMPEG: KVCD, MencodeMe, Auxiliar Task, KVCD Docking Gate
As to many ideas come on my mind, and I don't want to overload VMesquita' Mencode-me GUI thread, I will post it here.
Maybe later, in a short or long time, VM would like to implement some of this stuff in his GUI.

I named my idea for this thread:

KVCD Docking Gate
It is only a taskbar that I had create and put alone in one free side of my screen. If you want it can be made floating taskbar.
It show most frequently used sofware related to KVCD.

Related to MencodeMe we have four direct access:
  1. MencodeMe GUI.
  2. Edit MencodeMe temp.conf
  3. Edit MencodeMe encode.bat
  4. Run encode.bat (last action in GUI: Preview or Encode, or last edited action)
(@VM: Can you in a future implement 2, 3 and 4 in your GUI please?)

Target for 2 ----->    C:\001_MencodeMe\temp.conf (previously must to set conf files to be open with notepad)
Target for 3 ----->    C:\Windows\Notepad.exe C:\001_MencodeMe\encode.bat
Target for 4 ----->    C:\001_MencodeMe\encode.bat

All this can also be made with MS Office taskbar (not pic available) and with another app named "Power Launch 2" (as with many other I think)

Enjoi it.

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