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05-02-2004, 10:24 PM
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As I am in the learning process I've come across things mentioned in other threads that I would like to know about. My interest lies exclusively with avi encoding.

1. Is temporalcleaner a better choice instead of temporalsoften?

2. Audio lag seems to be a common problem when using scripts. Many of my encodes start with well synced avi sources. I often end up with approx 100mS to 150 mS lag in my mpeg which I have to then fix. I don't have this problem when there is no script involved. Why is this?

3. I primarily make skvcd @ 480x480 minimum. I find that using DCTFilter at this resolution causes faint "lines". Is there a better setting for DCTFilter than the following?

Thank you.
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05-03-2004, 03:27 AM
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1. Do your tests on your own and then you choose
I do prefer TemporalSoften as its more flexible .... but thats only IMHO

2. If there was no audio issue before and you do no FPS conversion the wrong way n your scripts - the there cant result an audio issue!
So check your way how you treat the audio extarnally or how do you perform a FPS Conversion within the script.

3. I didnt have any "lines" issues when using DCTFilter .... but I dont use it anymore as I think the best way is to modify the DCT filter values directly in the matrix the encoder gets to handle the DCT process.

So try a DCTfilterD(4) ..... as this doesnt "clean" completely columns but only the last 4 DIAGONAL lines.
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05-03-2004, 02:21 PM
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I did some tests on the two temporal filters. Maybe my 40 year old eyes are not so good. I don't see the difference.

I will do more audio sync tests...I use tmpgenc for all my mux/demux operations. I noticed two times my mpeg sync was good on the computer, not good after burning with Nero.

I will try DCTfilterD(4).

When can we expect a #5 optimal static script???

Thanks for your patience with newbies like me.
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