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afrodeziak 05-08-2002 01:12 PM

Full Screen VCD?
Is there a setting in TMPGENC where you can make the output mpg fill the whole screen of any TV you watch it on? Like you know how movies that are on cable or satellite, usually have the message that says, this picture has been modified to fit on tv or whatever. Is there a way to do this with a divx movie downloaded from p2p.

Da Pro 06-15-2002 02:41 AM

Use the clip frame option in the advanced settings and cut off the black borders......

aderunn3r 06-16-2002 01:29 AM

how do i cut off the black borders? sorry if this is a stupid question im still learning

Da Pro 06-16-2002 01:51 AM

It is pretty self explanitory, go to "settings" to "advanced settings" then double click on "clip frame" then there will be settings to clip the top the bottom the right and left parts of the frame, and thats it .....simple???

aderunn3r 06-16-2002 04:55 PM

yeah i could always get to there man but when im there to i just tick the top bottom left right mask? or do i go to full screen?

b00n 06-17-2002 10:12 AM

if you can see black borders on the source movie in the "clip frame" menu (important: all settings to zero). Then your source has got borders which will transfer to your encoded movie, if you don't change some settings.

Just increase the left/right top/bottom values to cut off these borders.
Don't tick the mask settings.
On the next screen (video arrangement) choose full screen and all should be fine.

aderunn3r 06-17-2002 05:23 PM

thanks for the tip man. the thing is a tried it and it didnt work. what i did was i went to clip frame the original res of the film was 576x304 and all the setting for top bottom left right were at zero. so to get the picture to take up the whole screen i changed the left value to 187 and the right to 186 then for video arrange method i changed it to fullscreen. i encoded 5 mins of the movie and when it comes out half or a bit less is chopped off and u cant see the whole picture. what am i doing wrong?

b00n 06-17-2002 08:21 PM

Well. You are cutting of 187+186=373 of the 576 horizontal pixels 8)

If you say that half or less of the video is chopped off, then you must have black borders indeed. Else you would have chopped off as much as
373/576 = 65% 8O

The values are way too high, I'd wager.
New try 8)

change to fullscreen first.
then check under clip frame settings whether your original (=source) movie got black borders displayed.
Now increase the settings for the left/right top/bottom cut-off by one at a time.

If you can see a borderless picture now and encode with this clipping settings, you will get a borderless mpeg file too.

What exactly did you mean by "u cant see the whole picture" by the way:
(1) it fills the screen, but is chopped off (would be a small surprise)
(2) it does not fill the screen

if you meant (1) then you should be able to solve that problem by adjusting the clipping values.

if you meant (2) then i guess it's a play-back problem. Are you playing the MPEG file on your computer? or have you burned it and played on a standalone DVD player?
If you are playing the encoded video on your computer with tv-out you may witness the problem of macrovision. (geez, tough try describing this in English. look it up if you feel to :twisted: )

As your goal would be to create a (S)VCD to be played back on a stand-alone device (why else would you encode it first place...), I suggest you burn the (properly cut, mind you) MPEG on a CD-RW and play it back on your DVD player.

Ah. It's 3 AM over here, but i still hope this makes any sense.
Good luck,

aderunn3r 06-19-2002 12:50 AM

yep i meant number 1 and thanks alot i got it to fullscreen :)

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