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Koekies 05-08-2004 05:01 PM

Added minrate in MencodeMe - is that smart?
I just made an skvcd but I had alot of buffer underruns. Because of those underuns my audio wasn't able to get the audio sync :?
Now I changed the 1cd - KSVCD.conf file in the subdir target by adding the line vrc_minrate=250 right after the part with the max bitrate I haven't used it yet.
But I read elsewhere on this forum that when people added a min bitrate things went wrong. So can anybody tell me if it even has the slightest chance of working?


digitall.doc 05-09-2004 06:54 AM

Where do you get those buffer underrun, during encoding or when muxing?. During encoding does it say rc_buffer underflowmin?. Maybe it's not a min rate problem but a VBV problem...

I used min_rate (but look, just did once) and everything worked OK. Take a look here, and see what posted there.

Koekies 05-09-2004 07:38 AM

During muxing mplex said exactly for how long and I muxed it again but the video with a delay the audio went sync again until somewhere further on in the movie where there was another set of underruns

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