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05-14-2004, 04:19 AM
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This GUI is ONLY for developing and testing use! Means that Packshot encodings are done via mencoder.exe, a commandline based Win32 Compiling binary WHICH IS IN ALPHA STATE!

So as the main engine of packshot mencoder.exe is in alpha state, this GUI also will be in a developing state! AND IS NOT TO BE SEEN AS A FINAL APPL. FOR GENERATING KVCD/KDVD OR STANDARD DVD COMPATIBLE OUTPUTS!

Unexperienced users without given knowledge should stay with TmpgEnc or CCE as Packshot only gots its purpose that knowledged users can generate "tweakable" commandlines!

There have been many reports of SA Player incompatible outputs due that mencoder.exe doesnt respect wanted VBR min/max bitrates. Thats cause the ratecontrol part of the mencoder code hasn't been updated since February2004. Some Players in DVD mode dont have problems with that so a pre-test encoding is inevitable!


Full Updated
Now many things of the ToDoList have been added.
Also direct mpeg4 (individual sized ones) input is supported now as Packshot now contains a full working internal resizing engine based on mencalc.

Download PackShot incl engines/folders: PackShot 1.05.0_beta

(this GUI is still in Beta State, so please do report bugs in the PackShot bug report thread imediately, thanx).

Please read the included readme files!

A guide for installing mencoder on yor PC by RDS Correia can be found here:

BeSweet v1.5b28 and the VOBInput.dll can also be found at DSPGurus Homepage
Look at the "beta" section for "besweet v1.5b28" and at the "plug-ins&source" for "VOBInput.dll v1.3".

To do:
Adding import of individual DCTmatrix text files


1 Load your source here. 1-file-VOBs and AVIS(mpeg4) and Avis via Makeavis are supported.
If an AVI is choosen, the AudioOptions/Encoding is NOT avaiable.

2 The Path to where the target will be saved.

3 Source/Size/AR ... the GUI recognises automatically the Source Format, Size and AspectRatio, so you dont have to worry about that.

4 The parsed resolution of the input stream.

5 The aspect ratio of the input stream.

6 The Target Resolution can be choosen here, means depending on the input source, a Popup will be avaiable where the Destination resizings can be choosen. If is the source is NTSC only NTSC resizing values do appear. If the Source is PAL, well ... only PAL resolutions will appear

7 If your Source is 16:9 anamorph, here you can set if you want to perform a 4:3 Letterboxing . If you want to keep the sources 16:9 anamorph state (look at the source AR above) just leave it unchecked.

8 Choose if you intend to resize an interlaced source

9 The Overscan can be set here.

10 You want to save some bits by cutting the ending credits of your movie? Here you can put a value of SECONDS of the source where the encoding stops. That value also will be send to besweet for shure so final length of video and audio should match.

11 Here the intensity of the NoiseReduction (hq3dn) can be set

12 with the Blockbuster trackbar you can choose te intensity of "noise generating" to prevent blocks during encoding.
BE AWARE that the resizer in this betastate does NOT support cutting the borders! Means be carefull when adding noise as in case of 2.35:1 or 1.85:1 sources that noise could be sprayed on the black bars!!

13 Sharpen or Blurring ... choose it here if the trackbar is set to the middle, nothing happens.

14 Postprocessing ... deblocking and deringing of the source.

15 Deinterlacing ... Mencoders internal KernelDeinterlace is used, choose the Fieldorder of your interlaced source.

16 InverseTelecine (only avaiable if Source is NTSC) ... performs an IVTC on a telecined source.

17 The minBitrate cant be set till the minbitrate issue of mencoder is solved.

18 The avg Bitrate which can be "on the fly" calculated using the bitratecalculator below.

19 Be carefull when choosing std. target format legal max bitrates as mencoder is known for peaks out of the determined "max" vaule! So lower it in relation!

20 The GOP size (std. 15 PAL, 18 NTSC)

21 The VBV buffer size. Only 112 and 224 (SVCD and DVD) are supported.

22 2pass encosing mode iis STRONGLY recommended as Packshot now (by using the parameters now) does NOT support 1pass Quality based encoding!

23 Check here if you want encode iDCT based

24 Applying a Pulldown to a 23.976 encoding afterwards.

25 In here you can force to set a 16:9 flag on the encoding

26 The fps your stream will be encoded in.

27 Choosing between several DCT Matrixes

28 The Target Media you want to encode to.

29 The media related overhead wich will be automatically added to your calculation.

30-31 Enter here related to "Mediasize" the values for the avg bitrate calculation of video- and audiostreams

32 Here you can choose the IFO file from your previuos loaded VOB file! But you have to choose the IFO from the SAME VTS track as the choosen VOB! The IFO file gives information about the Audiostreams within the VOB, so you can choose them in a more comfortable way than trying by choosing the "0x8x" stream IDs. If you dont choose an IFO you have to choose the Audiostreams by the "0x8x" IDs.

33-34 Choose here your Audio streams from the list. If no IFO file above is loaded you have to decide from the 0x8x Stream IDs, so loading the IFO from the same VOB VTS is senseful!

35-40 Choose here the AudioParameters of each Audiotrack. (the same for audiotrack 2)
If you have choosen an already downmixed 2CH Audiotrack, keep the LFE at 0db cause that downmixing parameter then is not needed.

41 Activate Multiplexing afterwards

42 The mux bitrate (0 means it will be calculated automatically)

43 Choose here if you want to mux as SVCD or DVD. Muxing for DVD is ONLY recommended if you use for instance the commandline/GUI based DVDauthor but NOT for DVDlab, TmpgEncDVDauthor, Maestro etc. as these authoring apps do mux internally when generating the final DVD!

44 The mux Video Buffer size.

45 Videodelay in ms.

46 Here you can force the mux engine to split at a given MB (in case of 1 movie on 2 CDs)

47 When settings are don, YOU FIRST HAVE TO add that encoding to the batch list.

48 The TargetFilenames are used as Batch filenames. IF you add an encode to the batch list. This bat file will be stored in the "encoding" folder AND a copy of that bat will be copied to your target folder.

49 By choosing "Debug" a "pause" argument will be added to the final "encode.bat" which will be generated when using "start batch" or "commandline only" thats useful if you want the console window to be forced open - to see the log and whats going on wrong.

50 Directly starting the batch. Means: All target.bats in the Batch window will be collected into ONE "encode.bat" where that encode.bat finally will be activated to start the whole process.

51 Do you still wnat to tweak the generated "encode.bat" in the "encode" folder?? No problem, just hit "commandline only" and only the bat file will be generated WITHOUT starting the encoding. This is usefull if for instance you want to add own resizing parameters which could include "Film Pixel" cropping etc.

52 Save and load your Settings

53 Perform a Shutdown after encoding

54 Please have a look at the Credits as this GUI bases on engines where others hold rights on and on help from other people!

Have fun!


------------------------------- History: -------------------------------

v 1.05.0_beta - 6/8/2004 01:24 CET

- beta state
- Many addings have been done
- The "lmin" value is dependend from the avg Bitrate choosed
- If AC3 encoding is choosen the gain will be automatically set to "auto"
- "-noskip", "-noaspect" and "noautoexpand" are added to the commandline and "autoaspect=1" is removed for avoiding screwing up the resizing (thanks Phil for the hint)

v 1.02.3 - 5/22/2004 01:30 CET

- Fixed a setting in azid () so that ac3 output is now guaranteed if choosen.

v 1.02.2 - 5/17/2004 21:11 CET

- When settings safed even when loaded you must specify the target again .
- Bug when "mencoder"-Matrix was choosen has been fixed
- changed from 2lame to mp2enc when encoding to mp2

v 1.02.1 - 5/15/2004 16:40 CET

- Minimize Window Option added
- MaxBitrate now to be set in a TextField
- IVTC is temporary disabled (read the issues in the Bug report thread)

v 1.02.00 - 5/15/2004 01:50 CET

Several bugs of the Audio Commandline generating part of the code are fixed. Like now using azid( -g xxx ) engine in Besweet command line for volume adjusting instead of ota(-g xxx ) which resulted in volume issues.

Some fixes on the open/safe file requesters (auto folder choosing of the requesters now refer to the path of the selected source)
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Post sticked!

Great Job Inc!
05-14-2004, 06:40 AM
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Thanks Vmesquita!

I still have no response from DSPguru ... but I think like as it's now - that Besweet has to be downloaded separately - it's ok. as Im not distributing it.

05-14-2004, 06:48 AM
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He hasn't posted anything in doom9 since 12/5. He must be busy.
05-14-2004, 08:43 PM
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Ill lock this thread so it gots its explanation/Download-Place purpose.

In case of questions please open a new thread thanks!
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