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05-19-2004, 07:35 PM
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After 2 weeks of continuous research... i have found the answer to those jerky video files u get with templates which are 720 x 480 in dvd2k(s)vcd

i say the pluging dvd2k(s)vcd works very well with dvd2svcd, do a clean install of dvd2svcd, download the plug in, after that choose your sizes and when dvd2svcd launches, u have to change a few settings :-

(i advide u use normal encoder and uncheck both options at the bottom, on the screen where u choose your templates)

choose number of cds u want... normally one

choose other options u like, etc...

wen the main interface has launched...

choose your source...

leave most settings alone, especially frameserver...

go to multiplexer and drop down the advance settings, this will bring up another screen - bbMPEG output settings

ignore the notice at the bottom... and change :-

Forced Mux Rate (in 50 bytes/sec units)

from wotever it is (normally 352 to - 0

yes thats ZERO - 0

and also uncheck Align Sequence Headers!

BUT - make sure the following setting r checked...

vcd - yes
vbr - yes
write program end code - yes

leave the rest as it is

hopes this helps many people!

btw, im a n00b!

im a noob, sorry!
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