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jorel 08-26-2004 06:15 AM

player for my mother in law
hy boys and girls.....i'm sick again with fever(very hot),feeling dizzy.....when i feel nervous i got fever(is called nevous fever....something like this).
i have(had) credit in 2 banks and 3 credit cards...i never had used special credits or any "favor" caming from the banks. at 3 years ago, i get the max money that my friend(regional gerent of bank) could give me and i send it to my mother in law the promise to back it in 6 months......well,.....3 years are gone and i back to the bank to pay 4 times more that i get in the next 24 months cos she don't pay.... :bawl:
now my credit seems.... :papillond: and my friend want to :gun: me.

mother in law..... :roll: .........mother? 8O

now i need you all:
who knows a player that don't play kvcds,kdvds......that don't play nothing?
i need one of that model to send with my "f**er in law". then she will want to play his movies and it don't work(could play only his sister's movie...esorcist) and maybe she get one ....
nervous fever or something worse like this! :evil: :cry:
give me the label and model please!

ps: seems a joke?
it all is TRUE, including my fever and the player that don't work! you know why i drink !!!! :drink:
ALcoholic-drunKARD....from back to front using the right letters is her name:
DRAKULA is drinking my blood

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