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08-29-2004, 04:25 PM
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One day there were two gays visiting the zoo. They made the rounds of the zoo and soon found
themselves outside the gorilla cage. The gorilla was sitting in the corner of the cage with a huge
gorilla hard-on.

The one gay says to the other 'I wonder what it feels like' ... the other gay says 'There's only one
way to find out and that's to touch it'

The gay reaches into the cage and touches the gorilla's hard-on ! Before he can remove his arm the
gorilla graps him ... hauls him into the cage ... slams him onto the floor ... jumps on top of him ... and nearly buggers him to death.

Three days later the gay wakes up in a hospital bed. A nurse comes in and says he has a visitor. It's
the gay's buddy. The buddy asks 'Are you hurt?' The bedridden gay says 'HURT!... OF COURSE
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