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kwag 10-23-2004 11:34 PM

California-101 Radio
Surprise :!: See if you can hear KVCD.Net's audio ad every half hour or so :cool:

Thanks François ;)

Visit California-101 radio here:
Forum here:

And listen to their music, with either WinAmp or VLC (Video Lan Client) here:

It ROCKS :!: :mrgreen:


muaddib 10-24-2004 02:48 AM

I just hear it! Very good kwag! :D

8) "You are invited to join this new exiting multi-media technology!" 8)

...or something like that! :mrgreen:

jorel 10-24-2004 05:30 AM

i'm the member # 3 of the California-101 Radio forum:


now my avatar can't stop! 8)

:screwy: i know that member #2 from somewhere...

rds_correia 10-24-2004 08:27 AM

And the music the play is very good.
I wish we had a regular radio station like that here.
We had but they're messing with it and it's going to end up crazy...
Nice hearing the add, though :D

kwag 10-24-2004 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by rds_correia
I wish we had a regular radio station like that here.

Me too :!:

california101radio 10-24-2004 11:42 AM

Hi Karl, Jorge, rds_correia and muaddib, and everyone here at KVCD :D

I'm glad I could join the community and I want to thank you so much for those kind words, full of encouragment (I went through tough moments and I know there will be other hard ones with this radio,...but I really like "this baby").

I saw Karl gave you the Ogg streaming address...But, who knows, the server (located in Fremont, CA, USA) might overflow one day (this happened twice on an ancient MP3 server); So, even know we're sharing the same passion for "intelligence for anyone at low prices, surely get what I wanna say...Lol", let me give you two other stream dns : (Paris and Europe) and temprary for the American Continent.

This last one is in MP3, but it may help if Ogg overflows and/or is our of order. :roll:

As I told Karl yesterday or the day before, I will try to post things here (also on the French KVCD Forum of course), but I'm not a specialist of video/images matters. So, let me appologize if I won't be able to currently participate in your technical chats (though I checked some of them have some "common points" with audio... :D

I wish you'll enjoy the stream and participate to the growth of the only West Coast radio on the Internet, and I'm sure this is the starting point of a great adventure of partnership. :wink:

Thank you all for your kindness. I really appreciate it.


jorel 10-24-2004 02:18 PM

you're WELCOME california101radio ! :D

we all love audio. (..well...i more than all here (i think) ) :wink:

in French forum or in English forum you will get lots of help for video if needed but using words like " I'm not a specialist of video/images matters" you will be advanced...(humble persons are friendly and wise)
ask Phil in French forum about me :lol:
....i am the most humble of all here! only my humbleness don't let me post more delight about myself! :roll: :rotf: (Phil will explain) :rotf:'re really welcome.
i need more fellows to encrease the audio area!

:D great place are the california101 page and forum.

great embrace and stay with us!

kwag 10-24-2004 02:34 PM

Hi François, and welcome to the forum :!:

I just finished hooking up my Toshiba PocketPC E740 to my Dolby sound system. I'm receiving your station via my WIFI system, which covers all my house.
Your station sounds just beautifull all over our living room :mrgreen:

Thanks for a wonderful music selection :D ( And for streaming Vorbis ;) )

rds_correia 10-24-2004 02:57 PM

Hi François :D
You only show us good taste here 8).
You make that clear in the music you play at California101 and you also make that clear by joining the party with us here.
I am also a music lover.
I love good music - whatever kind as long as it sounds good ;-).
Of course I prefer melodic rock and music from the 80's but I'm very interested in the added value and the contribution you can give us when it comes to music encoding techniques and available formats either for streaming or for backup.
Keep the nice work going on at 101 and welcome to the forum :D

EDITED: hey, Vorbis was a good choice :arrow: Your station "rocks" here in Portugal ;-)

jorel 10-24-2004 04:27 PM

from mail:

Hi Jorge,

Thanks again for writting and appreciating California-101; I'm very glad about the fact you joined the upcoming "West Coast community". ;) ;) ;)

I don't know what your favourite Artists/Bands are, nor if you prefer Soft Rock ballads to more "energetic" Rock (mind you, you can like them both...Lol).

Can I ask you where you are from ? Just for me to know (I'm not a secret agent, and I won't tell anyone... ;)). LOL

I wish you a great day, no matter where you are in this Great Big World!

California-101, the only West Coast Radio on the Internet!

@ all
if he is or not a secret agent for me is irrelevant cos seems(and is)
a very cool and attentive guy, don't you think? :D

@ François
i'm brazilian,(it's not a always after my avatar)
from MG state BH city and i like...:
beatles,stones,hendrix,gentle giant,santana,metallica,megadeth, elo,travelling wilburys, black sabbath,uriah heep,rush,led zep,
(pink floyd just a little cos seems "ray connif" of the future...the wall is cool)the cult,alice in chains,b-52s,steve vai(i knew him in Brasil....of course,i remember....he don't know who i am now,....he forgot :roll: ),
jethro tull,blackmore's night,deep purple,....stoping..all are tired to read.

hard rock? soft rock? bla,bla,bla rock?...i like it all!

:arrow: but "energetic" Rock i can listen all day long(as i do) 8)

thanks and a great day for you too....the world is your, countries will dissapear in the future cos the universe is too big...
we have space to "host" ourselfs :wink:

kwag 10-24-2004 04:52 PM

"ray connif"

WOW, I had forgotten about that one :lol:


california101radio 10-24-2004 05:34 PM

Hi to everyone here, :D

So many great messages I can't even believe it by myself...Thanks guys and girls, that makes me feel glad and really welcome (beware of the fact I could come too often in the future...Lol).

Seriously, I'm glad you enjoy the West Coast radio and that we can join our efforts all together for a better streaming world (....."And I said to myseeeeeeeelf.....What a Wondeful Woooorld !....ooooooh yeaaaaaah....." Louis Armstrong). Lol

First, I'm amazed to be heard all through an entire house Karl. :wink: The Power of WIFI tech.

Then, I want to appologize if I didn't really introduce me here ("I missed again !"...Lol). My name is François and I live in Paris area, France. I'm 37 and I also like a lot the 80's musics (reminding me that many good souvenirs...sigh...). That's mostly for rds_correia (Bom Dia ou...boa naõ posso falar coretamente porque a verdade està que naõ tenho a opportunidade de falar todos os dias.... :wink: )...
For Jorge : I had learnt Brazilian (Italian at school and Brazilian by myself), because I was a big fan of Bossa Nova, and, of Tom Jobim. I remember the day he died, and I was working on a local radio. That really made me sad and I had decided to break the rules (it was a little station) and play Tom CDs instead. Lol

Well,...I have been loving Southern California and the Californian Bands/Artists since the age of 18. That's really my passion. That's the reason why I decided, one day, to set up a West Coast radio on the Internet...just because there was actualy something missing about that! (which isn't the case for other Formats). Lol

I will ask Phil on the French forum about this joke that concerns specialists and not specialists... :wink:
But, know,....i'm stubborn: I am not a specialist! LOL

I would be glad to share my experience with you (both in radio matters or streaming matters). I have plenty of things to learn (and no,...this isn't a "false humble aspect"); The case is that I have been learning so many things about stuffs I even wasn't aware about before for more than one year with one of the coolest guy in the streaming audio Industry (and yes...I'm talking about Mediacast1, located in Denver, CO, U.S.A.), I realized that the road was a long one.
I'm not a codder, I'm a very ancient tech' in the computer industry (486 - P1 era), but I have learnt many things thanks to him.

As for OggVorbis,...if the people at KCVD really start to make my audience pick up, I would propbably need to think about reducing the MP3 and growing the Ogg server. I need to check that in the days/weeks ahead and talk about that with you. :D

Please note I haven't set up my new "shop" or "boutique" on the new site and that you all know the problems with donations...So,...those things should be spoken more often on some forums too (I'm not talking about California-101, but totally in general. "Freedom has a price", that should be a good Topic). Lol

For those of you who like good stations on the web (80's and others), I also be glad to share our links. For instance, I read Karl was mentionning Virgin Radio...and YEAH ! They always have done a superb great job (not only have they been streaming Ogg for ages, the also play real good music (the London simulcast, and some dedicated musics on some other ports (like the Motown hours !!! Damned good !)).

Then, about the 80's, I could recommend (albeit the ones I don't even have to mention) a French one which is....very's called Magic Radio, and the address is :
I don't know them personnaly, but they are very good and I could check they were actualy nice people with a good spirit community too. :D

For the rest,...I stay mute...not because I could be a secret agent, but because it might "hurt" some people here ('s about some Clear Channel Stations... :wink: :wink: :wink: ).

Have a nice day, wherever you are you all :D


california101radio 10-24-2004 05:40 PM

....and....I LOVE the Karl's Avatar !!! Jeasus,...that's too funny...I'm rolling on the floor each time I take a look at it.



rds_correia 10-24-2004 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by california101radio
....and....I LOVE the Karl's Avatar !!! Jeasus,...that's too funny...I'm rolling on the floor each time I take a look at it.



Me too, ever since I got to the forum.
He even decided to change it but we managed to make him change is mind ;-)
Thanks for such an open minded words and for sharing the links with me/us.
I'll stay tuned to least as long as my cable connection permits :twisted:

kwag 10-24-2004 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by california101radio
As for OggVorbis,...if the people at KCVD really start to make my audience pick up, I would propbably need to think about reducing the MP3 and growing the Ogg server. I need to check that in the days/weeks ahead and talk about that with you.

Hi François,

Maybe you could run some tests with the new Vorbis Codec, using a Quality of -1 :idea:
The sound is almost the same as the 64Kbps stream you are doing now, but the bitrate is ~45Kbps.
Really, there's hardly any difference, and you'll save a lot of bandwidth.
Mind you, this is with the latest Vorbis Codec, LibOgg 1.1.2 and Lib Vorbis 1.1.0.
I see you are using Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20020717, as seen on the stream information.
Here are a couple of very tiny samples I just made, both encoded in Ogg Vorbis at 45Kbps, using the latest Codecs: (303KB) (223KB)


Originally Posted by california101radio
....and....I LOVE the Karl's Avatar !!! Jeasus,...that's too funny...I'm rolling on the floor each time I take a look at it.]

That was my wife's idea :lol:
I really don't know what avatar I would have picked up.
So she's to blame for the choice :lol:


california101radio 10-24-2004 06:44 PM

No one to blame for this Avatar...Definitively not Karl ! Lol (omg)

I checked your Ogg (Tears for Fears one) and effectively it's pretty good.
On the other side, I don't really take care of the Ogg part (I send the signal from Paris, but Mediacast1 takes care of it all...So, I'll see about the configuration of that; But I was aware of the new versions, when I was moved to another Icecast server).

Don't mention it rds_correia...Feel free to tell us about your radios too (eg : Hertzian ones, like RFM...) or Internet ones. :D
Good luck for the connection issues...I had practically lost every listeners because of that, when I moved out a few months ago, and when I was streaming from home... :? I know how tough it can be.

Goodnight 8) zzzzz


rds_correia 10-24-2004 07:02 PM

Hya guys :),
Hey, we have another Portuguese speaking member :encore:
Let's see I could point you to Radio Comercial 97.4 or Best Rock FM 96.6
The later one is the best one although they emphasize on latest rock hits.
They had a wonderful morning team that could really team up with a good black cup of coffee and they would make you laugh as hell :twisted: but unfortunately they've thorn that project appart :roll:
I wonder why they did it.
That's why nowadays I'm concentrating on California101 8)
Cheers pal

california101radio 10-25-2004 05:13 AM

Hi you all, :D

I hope this day will be a good one for everybody (the question we often ask to ourself when we wake up....Lol..."eeeeeer, do I have to wake up???"...).

Thanks for the links rds_correia and for posting to my new forum. Wow, many nice words about the West Coast radio. :D

You know,...sometimes people who have an incredible talent have to go away and/or are fired on a periodical frequency; That's the average in radio and in each country I think (I only realy know about France and the USA).
While some others remain, years after years...hey,...that's the way things are! :cry:

On the other side, and thanks Lord, some morning crews are good and stay on air for years. Lol

Just one thing you'll surely find it hard to believe; But I rarely listen to radios in France now...This fact of life has been true for a couple of years or so. I prefer listening to other radios, thanks to the Internet; Different languages, different savoir-faires, different senses of humour, and sometimes,...great laugh moments (eg: our friends from Québec, Canada for the accent) or some differences between the Californian stations and the UK ones...omg,...that's wonderfull !!! Thank you mr. Internet ( it a Mr. btw ??? Lol).

See you later and thanks again :D


jorel 10-25-2004 06:33 AM


François...why you're praying all the time?

what is your desire and your will ?!?!? :? ..... :lol:

California-101 radio is posted here too:


california101radio 10-25-2004 08:09 AM

Wow Jorge...Thanks a bunch for the linking...(how many technical forums have you got ??? Lol). :wink:
Your help is really appreciated. I will register to this message board too when I know a little more about it (but it seems you're quite talking about the same things as Karl).

I will surely need many papers for my logins and passwords...Lol (aaaah....I admit it...I already do that. LOL).

The fact I often say : "Thanks Lord" is something I took from Phil Collins, with his songs and comments. He usualy says that in concerts or during interviews...I even prefer that to the traditional "Thanks God"...and it also may remind me of another Artist : George Harrison. Lol

Bah...I'm very musically influenced...Lol 8)



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