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glšnzend 01-17-2005 07:10 AM

Bill and Hillary at the Yankees
Bill and Hillary Clinton are at the Yankee's ALCS Game 7; sitting in the first
row, with the Secret Service people directly behind them.

One of the Secret Service guys leans forward and says something to
Bill. First Clinton stares at the guy, looks at Hillary, looks back at
the agent, and shakes his head violently.

The agent then said, "Mr. President, it was a unanimous request of the
entire team, from the owner of the team to the bat boy."

What really gets Bill going is when the agent tells him the fans would
love it!

So Bill just shrugs his shoulders and says, "If that is what the
people want."

Then Bill gets up, grabs Hillary by her collar and the seat of her
pants, and drops her right over the wall onto the field.

She gets up kicking, swearing, screaming, and the crowd goes wild.

They're cheering, applauding, and high-fiving.

Bill is bowing and smiling, and leans over to the agent and says, "You
were right; I would have never believed that!"

Then noticing the agent has gone totally pale, he asks what is wrong.

The agent replies, "Sir, I said, they want you to throw out the first
PITCH !!!"

Dialhot 01-17-2005 07:28 AM


you love jokes about bad hearing people :-D

glšnzend 01-17-2005 07:39 AM


Not really its just a coincidence, those are the ones that arrived today :)

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