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02-09-2003, 10:03 PM
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hi my friend Kwag and all friends here!

i'm trying to teach a new member "tripster"
and we change lots of "PMs".

for me is extreme hard cos i have a little knowledge
and a poor english ( klinglish = klingon speaking english)

i try to call new members in other forums like that:


and others,but have problems to explain and need learn tons too!

all i know about kvcds i got with your help Kwag,
and many more helpfull friends here.
when i learn more lots things here i try to write
an tutorial in portuguese to my friends in Brasil.
(maybe muaddib will help me)

then we need a complete tutorial for a complete newby and
for people like me(little knowledge and poor english).
this post is to help and to who want to know about kvcds.

thank you!

ps: sorry my klinglish :yumyum:
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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02-15-2003, 11:54 AM
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i read this 2 posts of "labomba" and it help me a lot,
cos is very short and clean!
maybe it will be "mix" with another ideas and turn to a
"easy way to KVCDs":

copied and posted from labomba (hahaiiii....são paulo)



Yes pal.
My sequence (with no recent faults):
1- Rip the DVD (only made from DVD sources) with DVDDecrypter. Donīt make any change. Let it selects the main VOB and the give it the destination folder. That's it.
2- I get the vob with DVD2AVI, uncheck the "force film" video option, and hit the preview (F5) for some minutes. Mark the preview info (Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, Video Type, Frame Type, etc). If the video type is FILM >95%, so I hit ESC button, and check the "Force Film" video option. I save the project (a .d2v file) on the same VIDEO_TS folder created by DVDDecrypter.
3- I generally make encodes with subtitle: I use the vobsub configure to get the subtitle from the VOB ripped. Then I will have a .SUB file on the same VIDEO_TS folder.
4- Get the audio with Head3AChe using Sweethead's Kwag prog. Itīs faster then using only Head3AChe. Allways encode with 128kbps, no more no less.
5- Use the TMPEGEnc 2.510 with KVCD3x Template (528x480), using allways a .avs script that has a prediction function on the start frame. I can send you a copy later.
With this avs, I only change the VIDEO_TS folder address and the .d2v file, change the movie name on the prediction function, select the number of CDs, put a hash (#) in front of the filters that I will not use, letting without hash the Sampler(length=24) line.
Then I change the destination folder of the .m1v file for the same VIDEO_TS folder, and hit Start.
Look: if you use the script with the Prediction function included, you will see the infos of the movie on the TMPGEnc preview. I copy that infos (total of frames, total size in seconds and minutes, size of the sample file for all size of audio rate, size of audio file for each audio rate option, a lot of info!) let the CQ number in 60 and hit Start.
In few minutes I have a .m1v file with some filesize near of the sample filesize predicted. I adjust the CQ number (upper if the sample filesize is lower than the predicted filesize, lower if not).
Hit Start again, see the file size result and make another adjust. With 3 or 4 shots I can get a sample with the nearst filesize of the predicted file size. Allways I'm testing the filters putting or not a hash (#) on the lines.
When the results are OK (quality and the filesize nearst of the predicted filesize) I put a hash (#) on the Sampler(length=24) line, save the project (make a .tpr file) open the batch encode option, add the .tpr file, hit RUN and on the first screen select auto shutdown.
That's it!!! I go to sleep. The computer auto shutdown at the end of the encode.
6 - With the .m1v file ready, I mux it with the .mp2 file on the BBMpeg.
7 - I open the EasyVCD program and add the .mpg file created by BBMpeg.
8 - I extract the chapters with chapterXtratctor (DVD Maestro Preset) copy and paste on the EasyVCD chapters place.
9 - Make a image of the disc and burn the image with Nero on Fireburner.
It's a piece of cake

Edit: I need to mention that all these sucessful sequence would not be possible with the amazing advices and hints of all the masters of this site (Kwag, Sansgrip, BlackPrince, Ren, Jellygoose, and all the other guys I don't remenber). Thanks a lot !!!
Edit: Sorry guys! "all these sucessful sequence would not be possible WITHOUT ..."


Some filters have the same function more or less strengh:
SpaceDust() <=> FaeryDust()
Convolution3d() <=> TemporalCleaner() <=> Fluxsmooth()
If you choose the "combo" FaeryDust() + Convolution3d() you'll have more encode time and less end filesize. While you choose SpaceDust()+TemporalCleaner() you'll have less encode time processing, but with a larger final file. Give a try.

but tehn doing the calculations
158000/105/24 = 62.7 then 776/62.7= 12.4.

So My sample file size is 12.4 megs. Ok what do i do now, so that i get the value for CQ??

You'll need to use the sampler() How
Leave it line without the hash # ( Sample(length=24) ).
Leave the CQ untouched (default for KVCD3x = 60)
Hit Start
In few minutes you'll finished to encode a sample file with one second for each minute of your movie, with a filesize near of the predicted filesize (12.4Mb ) If not, you'll need to up or down the CQ number, with this formula:
"Pedicted Filesize" / "Final Sample Filesize" x "Last CQ TRY" = "New CQ TRY"
Using your example: 12.4 / Final Sample Filesize (eg: 14.5mb) x 60 = "New CQ TRY" (eg: 51.3) . So you change the CQ number to 51.3 and Start again. In few minutes you'll have a new shot of your file. Compare with your Predicted FileSize (12.4) and change again the CQ if you need. With 3 ou 4 shots you'll target the size of 12.4Mb.
Then, you back to hash the sampler() line and your avs will encode the whole film, not the "sample"
Sorry if I complicate it.
LaBomba "


this can help a newby?
when i go to others forums and "talk" about kvcds to someone and
send the kvcd forum url,the newby came here and feel "some lost"
and ask me for the "first do it" and i with
my poor english
feel lost too cos i really can't help too much
to clear his doubts!
this is for help a newby and me too,ok?

i really "talk" kinglish,no?

correct something or complete if needed!

this is the resume of all friendly people here and wise boys
that help us too much and ever!
no need names...see tons of thankfull people...it's very clear....feel

kvcd is the Kwag miracle!

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