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black prince 02-23-2003 02:56 PM

Need help display DVD-R manufacture Id.......
@Hi All,

I just installed Panasonic/Matsushita DVDRAM/R LF-D311G burner.
I used Advdinfo to check the manufacture id of some Ritek DVD-R
I reciently bought. I upgraded ASPI to 4.61. Advdinfo keeps giving
me this error ASPI SenseKey 05h; ASC 24h; ASCQ 00h. I also, tried
DVD Decrypter>MODE>ISO, but it too won't display the manufacture id.
Finally, I used Nero's CDSpeed>Disc Info, and it only reports that
the medium is DVD-R. Does anyone know another way to check the
manufacture's id :?:
BTW, I emailed panasonic about a utility that could do this. I'm waiting
for a reply.

-black prince

kwag 02-23-2003 03:05 PM

Hi black prince,

Let me know if you find any information, as I have exactly that same drive :wink:


black prince 02-24-2003 02:10 PM


I contacted Panasonic Tech Support 1 (886) 462-5138 about the LF-D311
and explained the problem of reading the DVD-R manufacturer's id from
a blank disc. The tech support person actually tried "Nero's CDSpeed">
Extra>Dics Info with no luck either. There is chance that the burner
can be updated with firmware or a possible patch on the next release
may happen. He believes the ASPI SenseKey error is due to the burner
will not allow the function to identify manufacturer id (some don't). I
will follow-up and hope for firmware. BWT, the latest firmware update
is A127, which allows 4X burning DVD-R media. Here's a link for
ratting online sellers of DVD's:
They use buyers responses of 50 or more to rate product, service,

Add your 2 cents and contact Panasonic about this problem and maybe
that may speedup the fix. Then we can determine whether the DVD's
you purchased are what you really paid for and not a cheaper
substitute. :)

-black prince

black prince 02-24-2003 11:47 PM


Here's a link that's been very helpful with this problem.

I've PM'ed NIL, about Advdinfo that reads the leadin label
from a blank DVD disc. He hacked the program code
originally enabling it to display leadin lable info. I'm
hoping he or others at this forum have a solution. :)

-black prince

black prince 02-27-2003 04:45 PM


NIL wrote:


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Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2003 9:45 am Post subject:


Well, then, maybe the 0E command is not supported on these drives.
If those guys decided not to implement it in the firmware, there's no way ADVDInfo can run it.
And no, we don't patch firmwares to add commands that the developers forgot to code (deliberately or not). We only remove restrictions. Adding features is the job of the guys who design the drive.

Anybody confirms that this command does not work for this Matshita drive?

NIL modified advdinfo.exe to read leadin lables for blank DVD-R's
that everyone uses to check for manufacturer's id. He's thrown
the problem back to the vendor (Panasonic/Matshita) for modifying
their firmware to allow access to DVD-R leadin header information.
I had a conversation with tech support at Panasonic and they are
reviewing my request. (It doesn't sound like they are really interested)
Oh well, at least I know why I can't use advdinfo, Nero CDSpeed,
DVDDecrypter, etc. to check manufacturer's id. LF-D311's firmware
won't support it. :?

-black prince

black prince 02-27-2003 08:04 PM


Bad news :cry: Panasonic no longer supports Matshita LF-D311 as
of six month ago. No firmware updates will be forth coming and
as far as they understand, no Panasonic DVD burner has the ability
to allow access to DVD-R media leadin label information via any
software program. They recommend seeking out another burner
manufacturer that has this ability. Even their newer burner models
don't have this ability. :cry:

-black prince

kwag 02-27-2003 09:53 PM

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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