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digitalvideo 04-23-2003 08:01 AM

HD-BURN technology
this is a technology developed by snayo to put 1.4gb on a standard cd imagine the advantages of this for kvcd
HD-BURN + KVCD + firmware updated DVD player= dvds we dont need no stinkin dvds
but the problem is i cant wait until they make a cdr only drive that has a price point like 50 or 75 dollars i would pay for that

kwag 04-23-2003 09:51 AM

Yeah, I saw that the other day. With 1.6GB on a CD-R, we can get near ( and I mean almost ) DVD quality at 528x480 on just one disk :mrgreen:


JoZ 04-23-2003 04:21 PM

That sounds very cool but think about standalone dvd players... Do they
support more then standart cd-r/w? :-)

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