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Mr8ond 06-20-2002 05:04 AM

Copying VCD: Illegal TOC?
Hi all,
I`m trying to do a 1 to 1 copy of a VCD which I got from a local market.
First i tried clone CD with audio and data on
it works in my DVD on the pc , but not on my DVD downstairs.
I then got some cd detect software and it says no protect on the disc,
so I tried again, to no joy on the downstairs machine.
I then downloaded "Perfect Copy 2000" and that says there`s a
"Illegal(TOC)" on it?
Any Help?


kwag 06-20-2002 12:53 PM

Try Nero or BlindWrite.


Mr8ond 06-20-2002 05:17 PM

Sorry no joy or nero , clone or cdmate

kwag 06-20-2002 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by Mr8ond
Sorry no joy or nero , clone or cdmate

Did you download blindwrite?
Get it here:


Mr8ond 06-21-2002 09:13 AM

Yeah still no joy mate...

what settings would you say do on it....


Bud 06-21-2002 11:06 AM

VCD Copy
What SPEED are your trying to copy at? 2x 4x 16x etc? I found at least in Nero if you lower your copy speed to say 4x it will work, I have had the copy process fail everytime when copying at anything above 12x at least with my system and using Nero. After lowering the speed perfect copies every time. Try if if you have not done it.


rendalunit 06-21-2002 12:52 PM

if all else fails you can make a new vcd by extracting the AVESEQ*.DAT file(s) from the MPEGAV dir with IsoBuster to your hard drive, change the extension to .MPG and load it into NERO. I just tried this myself and it worked for me. I got an error with vcdeasy though when I tried to load the mpeg.

Mr8ond 06-21-2002 02:50 PM

yeah , i`m using nero at 4x , and will try what you all say....

thanks I`l let you know how it goes....

does anyone know where to get men black 2...???

uses kaZaA but downloaded shit

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