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el_mero_zooter 10-22-2003 03:37 PM

nero 6 says 40x max for writing CDs
My aopen 40x died last night (aopen had batch problems with the 24x and the 40x burners), so I replaced my dead burner with a spare liteon 48x from another pc (in which nero 5.5x.x had been working well and writing at 48x on 48x media) onto my main rig.
Upon reboot, my pc read, bios, the liteon48x,
windows picked it up as well. Had to uninstall the old nero and replaced
the install with nero Nero's website has an update to or or so, but nothing listed as far as recognizing new burners.
The problem, is that Nero 6 detects the liteon as a 40x max burn speed.
Checked NeroDriveSpeed, and again, only 40x burn.
Anyone come up with a similar situation...



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