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bruceleroy 08-07-2002 08:51 AM

Memorex CD-R Problems?
Anyone had problem with memorex white label 80 min cdrs? BestBuy had a box of 30 with jewel cases on sale so I bought some. First kvcd is now a coaster, second and third worked but have problems, video has glitches and skips every so often. I reburned the video with a TDK and it works perfect. I have never had problems with TDK silver at any speed. Should I try burning the memorex at a higher speed? They are ranked at 40X. I burn at 8x.
Using Nero 5.5
Duron 1.2
Lite On 32x CDBurner
Corsair Memory
Gigabyte MB

MoovyGuy 08-07-2002 03:58 PM

Hey bruceleroy,

Had a couple of sticks of 50 Memorex White label, 80 Min, recently without any problems. I've burned about 80 of them so far without any issues on any of them ....

Got them at Futureshop in Ottawa. Best Buy owns Futureshop so they probably come from the same wholesale source ....

bruceleroy 08-08-2002 08:32 PM

I tried upping the speed to 32X from 12x and they now seem to work fine.
This after I read someones post about the slower the burn speed the better and how he burns at 8x. Oh well, they seem fine now.

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