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kpmedia 11-03-2012 08:17 PM

KVCD Permanent Member Passport = deprecated
The $3 member passport required for full access to the forums was an excellent way to support the site during it's original run from 2002-2012. kwag (Karl) and DialHot (Phil) surely thank you for your past support of the site. Without you, this site probably would not exist now.

Thousands of members supported this site in the past. :encore:

However, moving forward, the forum will remain free and open to the public. As such, the member passport is henceforth deprecated. All existing members, as well as new members, shall now be considered "permanent" members of the community. We believe that opening the forum up should reinvigorate it for the next generation of video encoding enthusiasts and hobbyists. In addition to VCD and DVD (and the "K" methods), we welcome continued discussion of Avisynth usage, and the latest in streaming and Blu-ray media.

Starting immediately, you can show your support for with voluntary donations. :ok:

Thanks. :)

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