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Mr8ond 09-09-2002 09:36 AM

VCD will not play on my standalone DVD player?
Hi all :D

Ok i`ve been here a few times and 50 discs later still no joy on my stand alone DVD.

Ok this is now what I have,
I`ve just got a artec 48x12x48 cd burner which came with Nero
for some reason the new vcdeasy wont pick it up in the cdrdao and says also that aspi is not vaild.
Ok the software I know have is the following:
Vcdeasy 1.1.2 ,clone cd, avi2vcd,new TMPGEnc 2.5,fitcd, and the Damon317.

Before I just used tmgenc to code the avi to mpeg and burned on Nero
But to no joy on it working in 3 of my dvds, worked on the computer dvd.

Any ideals as now its costinf money to try them out.

Many thanks


spookini 09-10-2002 03:11 AM

I'm a total newb :D , so if I'm wrong...somebody stop me. But sounds like you need help in playing KVCDs, not burning 'em.

Have you determined what formats your DVD player supports? Use TMPGEnc to encode a 1-2min sample of video as std. VCD (352x240? MPEG1) and std. SVCD (480x480 MPEG2), then burn each to a disk and see if your player can handle them. If it can't support either of those, then you know your player doesn't support VCD/SVCD or both. If it supports 'em, then start encoding samples using the various KVCD templates: for example, KVCD hiquality is NON-STANDARD VCD format....(352x480 MPEG1 instead of 352x240). Try non-standard samples on your player. Keep track of which ones work. Probably a lot of 'em will come back as fuzz or colored blocks. Then look at the DVD player compatibility chart on this site. It lists what formats aren't supported by certain players, and possible work-arounds.

It isn't quick but you've got to do it. Reason the movies play fine in your PC is b/c PC supports any format/rez. Whereas DVD player has many formats/rezs it won't support. Not all KVCD templates will work for you, ou have to find the one that do. I started a few days ago w/ a 100CDR spindle and now I'm down to 20 left. But making good progress, yeehoo!! 8)

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