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pacodoni 09-12-2002 08:36 AM

KVCD on Pioneer players - kvcdx3 maybe a solution?
After some cracking with pioneer, i think that there is something that can be usefull.

For those who canīt play the KVCDx3 and the 352x480, try to encode the file as mpeg-2, and if you have, ( like my case ) another standalone that do not handle mpeg-2 very well, do like this :

Make the movie as Mpeg-2, then, when the movie is ready, mux as video-cd non standard, it will work on pioneer and others...

I really didnīt test in lots of standalones, but works with Sony, Pioneer, and a Phillips ( dontīremember the model of it ).

Plus, doing this you gain from mpeg-2 a little mbīs ( ive encoded at mpeg-2 results 750Mb. Passing to Mpeg-1 it got down to 722 ). :roll:

Well, i donīt really know if this is the answer to the pioneers, but, itīs an idea. :roll:

So give it a try, who can. :wink:

Pacodoni 8)

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