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tyler5 10-10-2004 05:18 AM

Jerky playback on standalone DVD player?
i've encoded a avi file to kdvd. everything went successfully. i then burned it to watch in on my standalone only to discover that it freezes every 30 seconds or so. the playback is not smooth. what should i do? it plays fine when previewing my project in tmpgenc and also with powerdvd. i have a lg 6053 standalone. btw, i've downloaded samples of kvcd/kdvd from emule and all of them work flawlessly.

rds_correia 10-10-2004 10:30 AM

Then you're lucky and the only thing wrong is in your encoding methods :D
Can you please describe them here:
- tools used and their release versions
- which guides followed
- etc.
Please read the forum rules and the Disclaimer.
If you don't help us (by giving us more info) we can't help you.

Mental 10-10-2004 12:04 PM

Dumb question but did you check the framerate of your source material compared with your finished result?

Converting from one framerate to another can often cause problems like you describe, I had the same problem and ended up solving it by feeding an avisynth script to FreeEnc which uses the AssumeFPS command to force the framerate to be what ever I want.

tyler5 10-10-2004 12:32 PM

the framerate of the original file was 23.976, kdvd encoded it to 29.97 (23.976 (internally 29.97fps)).

rds_correia 10-10-2004 01:32 PM

The tools and methods used please, otherwise it's almost impossible to help.
Shall we imagine what you did?
There are plenty of different tools, plenty of different methods and plenty of different guides/explanations.

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