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videodrome 10-06-2005 05:31 AM

Replay 3020
I told this story a while back.. But I thought I would post a progress report. I got an old Replay 3020 at the junk store for $10. Got a new hardrive for it. And it works great! The old replays have no service fee. So I have a free PVR! But, in order to transfer my shows to my PC I have to remove the drive and connect it to my PC. Okay. I can do that. But I always had audio synch issues.. When I tried to burn the files to DVD... Untill I broke down and bought womble. That fixed the problem. Editing a one hour TV show, to finished burn. Takes about a half an hour. Except I get a moving line at the top of the frame. Otherwise the picture is perfect. Yeah, I could re-encode and crop.. But that degrades the Mpeg. And takes many hours. So my question is does anyone know of a program that will cut a little bit off the top of the Mpeg.. without taking many hours, or degrading the Mpeg? On another note.. VHS captures look perfect.. Except it keeps losing the signal and going to blue screen every few minutes. I'm so close to perfection. Any comments?[/IMG]

kwag 10-06-2005 09:19 AM

Hi videodrome,

Doesn't this machine have an ethernet port :?:

Edit: Never mind. Just found out it only has a modem connection.

What about hacking that machine and installing a DVD-RAM IDE drive, and then after you finish recording, you can eject the DVD-RAM disk and take it to your PC :?: :idea:
This way, you don't need to be moving the hard drive around.
A DVD-RAM behaves just like a hard drive, so you could format it on your PC (of course, you need a DVD-RAM drive on your PC too), but will make your machine work like a Panasonic DMR model, which does exactly that :)


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