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kwag 06-22-2006 12:46 AM

Satellite TV: VDR, LinVDR
Anyone has experience with this :?:
I'm looking into building a new PVR/DVB-S receiver, and VDR ( ) looks like the way to go!

Here are the screenshots of the machines that people have built:
And here are screenshots of what the menus look like:

More pics and info here:

Edit: Forgot to add this, which is a third party (free!) software to manage VDR via WEB interface. Can be configured in German and English:

And a HUGE gallery of VDR User Stations built here: :)


incredible 06-23-2006 02:32 PM

I builded a HTPC for myself last fall. Till now only file playback is supported but Im thinking about getting a PVR 150 so that baby changes into one supporting VDR capabilities ;)

Also I wonna get an Airstar2 DVB-T card for that HTPC so that will be supported also.
Windows2000 is on that HTPC but Im thinking about getting Kanotix or something similiar. But as I do got 0 (zero) skills on Linux this will be one of my next projects to get into :)

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