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kwag 04-13-2007 12:29 AM


Look at the video: :jawdrop:

Version 1.0

Media & Entertainment
3D alpha-blended GUI optimized for displaying on a TV and using a remote control
Media browser presenting all content on all devices in the home on a 3D rotating cube
Plug-and-play detection and aggregation of network storage and DMA's
Built-in NAS providing centralized backup and whole-house media server
"Follow Me" Media, each family member's media follows him/her through the house
Automatically controls all existing av devices, like TV's, Stereo's, etc.)
Many control options: mobile phone, webpad, pda, phone

Smart Home
Home Automation: Control lighting, climate, security, camera surveillance, and more
Communication: Phone system with auto-attendant, voice mail, call forwarding/routing for VOIP and POTS lines
Security: Uses your existing home alarm, surveillance cameras, lights, phones and tv's to notify you on your mobile phone of any security alerts with the option of reseting the alarm or broadcasting your voice in the house over the tv's

black prince 04-13-2007 02:42 PM

Kwag, I got to have LinuxMCE TODAY!!!! :jawdrop:

This is the Bomb :bow:



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