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akrein62 04-08-2003 03:22 AM

dvd/vhs players and kvcd
Does anyone know of a combo unit, dvd/vhs player that will play kvcds without tweeking? I exclusively use kvcdx3 NTSC. These play perfectly on my Sony 5 disc changer as long as I use 44.1khz audio. I'm looking for another player for a different room and would like to replace the old vcr with one unit that could play both.



MrTibs 05-30-2003 05:06 PM

I have tested the following with the KVCD samples found on this site:

Magnavox DVD VCR
Works: 352x240, 352x480, 704x480 - worked perfectly!
Doesn't work: don't know, I didn't test 528x480 so you'll have to test.

Comments: seemed a little blury but looked pretty good.

Emerson DVD VCR:
Works: 352x240, 352x480 - worked perfectly!
Jumpy: 528x480 (also sound problems)
Doesn't work: 704x480 - more testing required

Comments: 352x240 and 480 looked very smooth (no blocks at all) but it did look a little blury.

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