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bigggt 04-26-2003 02:40 PM

KVCD on Apex 1100w
I've read alot on this but see if anyone knows off hand,i can use the 352x240 template no problem but when i go up to the next one 352x480 i get audio problems(the audio cuts out every 3 seconds or so).after reading alot on this i assume that it is because of the max bitrate is 2500 and not 1800.My question is does anyone know what the max bitrate this machine can handle,and lets say it is 2200 or something like that will it be a better encode if you put it to something like 2200 or would it be better to leave it at the lower resolution template.



PyRoMaNiA 04-27-2003 11:02 AM

It might be that your player doesn't properly support 352x480 :!:
Encode a short sample with a max bitrate of 1800 and see if it plays correctly. If it doesn't then your player probably doesn't support this resolution.

bigggt 04-28-2003 06:08 PM

Well youre right Pyromania,tried a sample at 352x480 with max bitrate of 1800 and audio problems,does that mean the best i can get with this player is the 352x240.

dazedconfused 04-28-2003 08:27 PM

Hey again bigggt,

Try encoding your resolutions that are higher than 352x240 (i.e. 352x480, 528/544x480, 704x480) @29.97fps (for ntsc material) instead of the 23.976fps default used by the kvcd templates if they don't work for you. This does the trick on my player. You'll lose ~20% of the compression benefits you'd enjoy if you could use the templates @ their 23.976fps setting, but I still manage to fit 2-hour movies onto 1 disc with the x3 template this way, and they still look great on my standard 30-inch tv. You also might try switching between 44.1kHz and 48kHz audio...some players are fussy. You could also try using the "header-trick". And as a last resort, encoding with MPEG-2 at those resolutions instead of MPEG-1 might work. Good luck.


bigggt 04-28-2003 08:54 PM

Thanx D&C ,i'll give that try

vico1 06-22-2003 11:35 PM

I know I`m late jumpin` in on this thread, and I can only speak of my player but:
My 1100W (upgraded 1meg firmware) plays all templets except kvcdx3, as long as they
are Mpeg2, SVCD.
"Film" type material can be played at 23.976fps, as long as "PullDown" is used.
Using SVCD Mpeg2 I`ve tested clips on it with bitrates as high as 5000
no problems...also plays 48kHz as well as 44.1kHz audio.

Last vid I did at 352X480 was a copy of my son`s movie "Jackass"...
though that one was "NTSC interlaced" Fullscreen, so I had to do it at 29.70fps.
Overburned an encode of 885Megs of it on a 90min Cdr, and it played well.

That said, there are many different types of Apex 1100W.
(1meg Rom, old 512 Rom, new 512 Rom, plus firmware variants)
So...can they all mimic my results...I really just don`t know.

The Devil`s the Details!

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